Boxed Hall, one of our Large Holiday HomesWe have a great collection of large holiday homes, all offering something unique for your party to enjoy, whether that’s a beautiful location, a private beach, or a roof-top party space.

Our large holiday cottages are all generously proportioned (with a minimum of six bedrooms), and we have enough choice to suit any budget. You can check out our group accommodation below, or use our ‘search‘ to find the perfect house.

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There’s a lot to think about if you’re the one tasked with finding the perfect holiday home, large or small, so we thought we’d look at the basics for you…

Where will you choose to go?

Many families have disparate connections; Uncle Fred in Manchester, Cousin Dotty in Cornwall, and your parents-in-law living in the Home Counties. Somehow, you’ve got to find a lovely big house everyone can agree to get to. The best way of doing this is simply to ask – how far are they willing to travel? That should give you a rough idea of where in Britain you could all meet (if they say no more than twenty miles, cull them from the party list. Be ruthless.). We have a handy map, to help you see at a glance, which houses we have where. 

Bed configurations… awkward if you get it wrong

Again, best to check what everyone would prefer. Some couples might sleep in twin beds, some sisters might hate sharing, and some parents might be horrified at the thought of their five-year-old snoring at the bottom of the bed. Our houses can be brilliantly flexible with sleeping arrangements, and many have family rooms or dressing rooms with bunks. Most of them have an assortment of twin, double and king beds (with the odd four-poster), so it’s very worth speaking to the house and seeing how they might accommodate your party. 

Then there’s the loos…

Bathrooms can be a bit of an awkward point in a large holiday home. It’s not, after all, a hotel or big cottage B&B. Some people absolutely can’t bear the thought of no en-suite, and others wouldn’t even notice. All of our large holiday houses have a few en-suite bedrooms with additional private bathrooms or shared bathrooms. You need to ask Cousin Dotty if she can cope sharing with the grumpy teenage nieces that turned up (unexpectedly) with Uncle Fred.  

And then the LOVELY bits…

All of our large holiday houses have that little something that makes them that bit special, from (incredible) natural pools, to original billiard rooms, to enchanting gardens. The lovely bits can entirely make your stay – those grumpy teen cousins? Choose somewhere with a games room and initiate a days-long ping-pong competition. Fidgety Uncle Fred, missing the gym? Beat him in straight sets on a tennis court. Need to get away from it all, and spend some quiet time with your brother? Stroll along a beach, or a hidden valley, or nip off to the local pub.

A Word From Edmund

Being the organiser of large parties can be hard work, but it’s immeasurably satisfying to find the right house, and orchestrate a weekend your friends or family will never forget! We’ve got some great country houses on our list, of all shapes and sizes: one of them will be completely perfect for you. Let us know how you get on!

Oxon Hoath

Oxon Hoath

  • Sleeps 50
  • Bdrms28
  • Baths20
Weekends from £4,800
Weeks from £12,600

The magnificent and secluded Oxon Hoath Country Estate - the…

Hafton Castle

  • Sleeps 42
  • Bdrms19
  • Baths19
Weekends from £3,584
Weeks from £5,515

A beautiful Scottish Castle on the banks of Holy Loch…

Huntsham Court

  • Sleeps 82
  • Bdrms35
  • Baths25
Weekends from £10,900
Weeks from £13,000

Huntsham Court - a combination of the posh and playful,…

Cowdray House

West Sussex
  • Sleeps 44
  • Bdrms22
  • Baths22
Weekends from £14,600
Weeks from £70,000

A country manor on the inimitable Cowdray Estate - a…

Ash Barton

  • Sleeps 35
  • Bdrms13
  • Baths9
Weekends from £3,995
Weeks from £6,995

Ash Barton - An ancient manor house overlooking the Devon…

Knowle Manor

  • Sleeps 50
  • Bdrms20
  • Baths20
Weekends from £4,950
Weeks from £8,350

A most elegant Elizabethan country house, tucked within the wilds…


  • Sleeps 33
  • Bdrms14
  • Baths8
Weekends from £6,000
Weeks from £8,000

A beautiful Palladian Mansion, deep in the Scottish Borderlands

Brinsop Court

  • Sleeps 33
  • Bdrms18
  • Baths11
Weekends from £5,995
Weeks from £12,000

A full moated medieval manor house set in 800 acres…