Houses for Rent with Outdoor Pools

Large Houses To Rent With Outdoor Pools

Amazing Large Houses with Outdoor Pools to Rent

Discover the ultimate luxury houses to rent with outdoor pools

Private swimming pools are the height of fun when choosing a large house for your weekend away, whether it’s family fun, a birthday party, a stag do or a hen do.

Swim outdoors enjoy quality time together; whether you’re taking a dip in the private pool for early morning exercise or splashing about with your friends for fun. Many houses open their outdoor pools for only the summer months (and some are heated, some are not) – so do check if it’s important!

Large Houses To Rent With Outdoor Pools

Holiday Houses with Swimming Pools

We have an amazing selection of party houses with swimming pools for rent. Take the music with you and party away!

Houses with outdoor pools tend to be hard to find, which is a benefit when you’re looking for somewhere really special to stay. If you can’t see the kind of property you had in mind, you’ll find many more options for houses with hot tubs than pools, which are just as good for smaller groups.

Or for the really exclusive route, view houses with indoor pools.

Popular Houses With Swimming Pools for Rent

We have many large houses to rent with outdoor swimming pools in our collection. Here are your choices!

Large Houses To Rent With Outdoor Pools

Your Swimming Pool

Search our directory to find your perfect place with a pool.

Hand-Picked Houses With Outdoor Swimming Pools to Rent

Looking for space for a really large group? There is a charming outdoor pool (unheated) at Buckland House which sleeps up to 34 people and is a very relaxed country house.

For somewhere that’s smaller with more modern facilities, take a look at Stillwaters House. It even has a fire pit.

If you’re looking for somewhere with even more space, there are two very large properties with outdoor pools; Upper Court which has several cottages on site, and Glansevin Mansion which can sleep up to 58 guests across the estate!

Experience the ultimate luxury of staying at a country house rental with an outdoor pool, where you can bask in the sunshine and cool off in style. Imagine lounging by the poolside, surrounded by lush gardens and breathtaking views, creating an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

These country houses offer an oasis of serenity, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip or take leisurely swims under the open sky. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or simply looking to unwind by the water, the outdoor pools provide a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Beyond the pool, these country houses offer a wealth of outdoor activities to enjoy. Take a stroll through the gardens, play a game of tennis, or simply unwind with a book on the sun-drenched terrace. As the sun sets, gather around the poolside for a delightful evening, savoring delicious meals and sharing laughter with loved ones.

Renting a country house with an outdoor pool is not just a holiday—it’s a luxurious escape that combines the beauty of nature with the comforts of a private retreat. So, dive into a world of relaxation and create unforgettable memories at these enchanting country houses.

Party Houses with Tennis Courts 

Whether you fancy a pre-party rally or a recuperative match the morning after the night before, tennis courts make a wonderful addition to a party house. We have a wonderful range of celebration houses with tennis courts.

Check out our party houses with tennis courts.

Party Houses with Hot Tubs

Picture yourself catching up with friends and family in the hot tub, prosecco in hand. There are few better ways to get the party started than a dip in the hot tub, especially after swimming strenuous laps of the pool.

Find a party house with a hot tub.

Party Houses with a Wedding License 

Our party houses have plenty of special features like outdoor pools, but did you know they can also be hired for weddings? Say “I do” in a beautiful country house or stately home and enjoy an unforgettable day in an outstanding setting.

Browse our selection of party houses with wedding licenses.

Pet-Friendly Party Houses

Your pets don’t need to miss out on the next family holiday. Stay at one of our gorgeous dog and cat-friendly houses to bring your furry friends along on the adventure.

Have a look at our pet-friendly party houses.

Trusted Big Holiday Houses

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