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Pet Friendly Houses To Rent

Pet-Friendly Holiday Houses

Invite your pet along and allow them to enjoy the holiday as much as you do.

If you’re looking for pet-friendly houses to rent, many of our properties are all suitable for well-behaved dogs. This is a fantastic option if you’re planning a big family event like a birthday party or a wedding and want to ensure that every member is invited, four-legged or otherwise!

We recommend that you always mention to the house owner in advance that you’d like to bring your dog(s). It is worth checking whether there are cleaning surcharges for pets and the general house rules, but in principle, you should be good to go!

Looking for Pet-Friendly Party Houses?

Northfields House sleeps up to 26 people, plus dogs. Or, for somewhere further afield, take a look at Northmoor, which sleeps up to 28 guests.

The Best Pet-Friendly Large Holiday Homes

Browse our range of pet-friendly properties below and start planning a fantastic holiday for everyone that matters to you!

Pet Friendly Houses To Rent

Your Pet-Friendly House

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Don’t leave your furry friend behind when you escape to the countryside. Renting a pet-friendly country house ensures that your beloved companion can join in on the adventure. With spacious gardens to explore, scenic walking trails to conquer, and cozy corners to curl up in, these houses cater to both you and your four-legged companion. From charming cottages to sprawling estates, there are plenty of options to choose from. Let your pet frolic in the freedom of wide-open spaces and revel in the joy of shared experiences.

Party Houses with Indoor Pools

Houses with a pool are always a good idea, even if your furry friend can’t join you for a dip. Holiday houses with a pool are a great option if you’re visiting with children as well as pets, as they are a wonderful source of fun on top of being an excellent way to keep fit during the trip. 

Check out our houses with pools.

Party Houses with Hot Tubs

Being able to bring your pets with you is guaranteed to improve your holiday experience. Booking a house with a hot tub is another excellent way to make your trip that little bit more special, so you can relax amongst luxurious bubbles after a long day exploring with your four-legged friend.

See our houses with hot tubs.

Party Houses with Tennis Courts

Bringing your pets along with you on holiday is one way to guarantee you get out and about during the trip. You can also keep everyone on their toes by staying at a luxurious house with a tennis court. Challenging members of the group to a tournament is a fantastic way of keeping the trip exciting.

Have a look at our houses with tennis courts.

Party Houses with a Wedding License 

Many people consider their pets to be an important part of the family, so why wouldn’t you want them to be able to attend one of the best days of your life? Many of our party houses have a wedding license as well as being pet-friendly, allowing couples to tie the knot with their furry friends in attendance.

Browse our houses to hire for weddings.

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