Special Offers on Large Houses to Rent

Below are details of special offers to stay in large country houses. Most of our houses were built to entertain and you can have the place to yourselves at a discounted rate. This page is routinely updated and is the best way to grab a last-minute bargain!

Upcoming Offers

All the houses are available for exclusive-use, enabling you and your friends to take over the place in privacy. The list below is sorted in date-order (soonest stay at the top) and please contact the houses directly for more information.

To receive our special offers please enter your details below and click ‘Submit’.

HouseSleepsStart DateEnd DatePrice
Mears Ashby Hall18+206/04/201808/04/2018£4,500
Mears Ashby Hall18+213/04/201815/04/2018£4,500
Mears Ashby Hall18+220/04/201822/04/2018£4,500
Little Gaerfields25+220/04/201823/04/2018£2,500
Mears Ashby Hall18+227/04/201829/04/2018£4,500
Buckland House30+27/04/201830/04/2018£2,600
Monnington House1827/04/201830/03/2018£2,125
Chaffeymoor Grange20+408/05/201810/05/2018£1,800
Chaffeymoor Grange20 + 429/05/201831/05/2018£1,800
Buckland House30+01/06/201804/06/2018£3,600
Northmoor House28+01/06/201804/06/2018£2,800
Northmoor House28+08/06/201811/06/2018£2,800
Ringshall Grange22+408/06/201810/06/2018£2,320
Northmoor House28+15/06/201818/06/2018£2,800
Ringshall Grange22+415/06/201817/06/2018£2,320
Northmoor House28+22/06/201825/06/2018£2,800
Brinsop Court Estate33 +22/06/201825/06/2018£6,950
Buckland House30+06/07/201809/07/2018£4,400
Brickwall House40+14/07/201815/07/2018£3,500
Brickwall House40+21/07/201822/07/2018£3,500