Below are details of special offers to stay in large country houses. Most of our houses were built to entertain and you can have the place to yourselves at a discounted rate. This page is routinely updated and is the best way to grab a last-minute bargain!

Upcoming Offers

All the houses are available for exclusive-use, enabling you and your friends to take over the place in privacy. The list below is sorted in date-order (soonest stay at the top) and please contact the houses directly for more information.

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HouseSleepsStart DateEnd DatePrice
Cowdray Park5016/08/201918/08/2019£25,000
Tatham House2223/08/201925/08/2019£6,950
Tatham House2223/08/201926/08/2019£6,950
North Cadbury Court5023/08/201926/08/2019£13,200
Cowdray Park5023/08/201925/08/2019£25,000
Tone Dale House3123/08/201926/08/2019£5,950
Tatham House2223/08/201926/08/2019£5,950
Buckland House3030/08/201903/09/2019£3,800
Monnington House1806/09/201909/09/2019£2,418
Monnington House1806/09/201913/09/2019£3,348
Northmoor House2813/09/201930/09/2019£2,200
Buckland House3013/09/201916/09/2019£3,600
Northmoor House2820/09/201923/09/2019£2,200
Monnington House1823/09/201930/09/2019£3,348
Northmoor House2827/09/201930/09/2019£2,200
Buckland House3027/09/201930/09/2019£3,600
Monnington House1827/09/201930/09/2019£2,418
Chaffeymoor Grange2404/10/201906/10/2019£3,500
Chaffeymoor Grange2411/10/201913/10/2019£3,500
Buckland House3011/10/201914/10/2019£3,600
Chaffeymoor Grange2418/10/201920/10/2019£3,500
Northmoor House2818/10/201921/10/2019£2,800
Buckland House3018/10/201921/10/2019£3,600
Buckland House3025/10/201928/10/2019£3,600
Northmoor House2801/11/201904/11/2019£2,800
North Cadbury Court5001/11/201903/11/2019£11,000