About Landed Houses



Hello, I’m Edmund Cohen. I started Landed Houses 14 years ago to make it easier to find the perfect property for your event. It all started when I tried to find a venue myself and it was impossible to find a decent collection to choose from. There were gems but they were dotted all over the place, so I decided to pull them together. I built the first website myself and the journey began!

Every house is hand-picked by me. They are all exceptional venues run by trusted hosts. Some are chic, some rustic, some vast, some cosy. There’s something for everyone. One thing they all have in common? They promise to make your next big event or special occasion unforgettable.

Simply find a house you like, then contact the owner directly using our online form. When you book, you’ll get a great deal with no commission. While planning your stay, tap into your host’s local expertise to help create an unforgettable get-together.

Check out our listings and see what you can dream up!

PS Landed Houses charges the houses no commission (just a flat annual fee), so they love bookings that come via us. You don’t have to use the contact form on each listing, you can reach the houses through other means too, but using the contact form allows us to help you if anything goes wrong. There’s no catch or cost and your booking is always with the house themselves, not Landed Houses.