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About House

Cowdray House on the Cowdray Estate in West Sussex, is an extraordinary place to stay. The estate is home to the Cowdray family, and is world-famous for being the center of British polo. The estate has welcomed royalty from all over the world, including our Queen and Prince Philip.

The house is beautifully suited to entertaining of the highest manner, and welcomes both private and corporate guests.

There are 22 bedrooms in Cowdray House, all en-suite, and accommodating up to 44 guests. Each room is very well appointed and most overlook the gardens and rolling serenity of the South Downs.

The reception rooms include a dining room (seating up to 60), a library, morning room and drawing room. Both the drawing room and library open onto the front terrace – perfect for drinks before dinner. There is also the magnificent Buck Hall, with its lofty vaulted ceiling and minstrels’ gallery – the hall can seat up to 150 guests to dine, and 300 for a cocktail reception. It lends itself to all sorts of occasions, from sporting banquets to weddings to charity evenings, and the minstrels’ gallery can be put to full use with some jolly modern minstrels.

The house also has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an all-weather tennis court, croquet lawn, and the most fabulous private bowling alley, for high-stakes competition.

The house sits in 110 acres of parkland and private gardens. There’s plenty of space for the greatest of splendid marquees, allowing for up to 600 guests.

Edmund’s Choice of Extraordinary Feature

“Polo is known as the ‘Sport of Kings’, and the Cowdray Estate is the home of British polo. Staying at Cowdray House gives you the chance to learn more about such a fantastic, glamorous world, and during the summer season, guests are invited to stomp the odd divot between chukkas.”

About the Estate

Cowdray Estate offers outstanding country sport, as well as polo, including golf, fly-fishing and shooting. Guests can book lessons and hire suitable equipment (and ponies) for each sport.

There are several farms on the estate (and a farm shop, with deli and butchery), and other venues that welcome guests in various capacities (Capron House, Cowdray Hall and Cowdray Golf Clubhouse and Lodge. There are also the exciting art exhibitions, going on in the Tower Room, in the ruins of the Cowdray Tudor mansion).

Guests can lose themselves in the woods and valleys of the estate, or book wild-life tours, and learn how to tickle a brown trout.

There is additional accommodation at the Golf Lodge, which sleeps 16, and four pretty estate cottages, which sleep 13. Across the Estate, over 70 people can be accommodated overnight.

About the Location

The Cowdray Estate is very close to the Goodwood Estate, and both overlook the South Downs.

It takes about an hour and forty minutes to drive from central London, or you can take a train to Haslemere Station (about 15 minutes by taxi to Cowdray).

Weddings at Cowdray

You can be married in both Capron House and Cowdray House, or at the golf club. There is a team on site to help you marshal troops to plan your day.

Photographs can be taken at the romantic ruins of Cowdray’s Tudor mansion, a short drive from the House.

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Lovely walk around the beautiful well kept estate, fantastic shop great staff as well! Meat for dinner was fantastic!

This quaint and laid-back, almost sleepy village is home to the Cowdray house. Some of its wall are still standing and the structure still retained its form albeit some portion has been destroyed during the war. It was a very interesting site to behold but unlike other castles with intact interiors, this one does not. Travelling via public transport can be a challenge, so in order to get there, my friends and i pre-arranged a taxi to fetch us to and from the accomodation.

We had a fantastic day at the Living History 5yr old grandson is very enthusiastic about history and loves these ' hands on' experiences. The volunteer staff were helpful and knowledgeable, although a small event, there was lots to see and do and everyone was happy to really engage with the children. Max was delighted to learn how to use the weapons of the era but his highlight was the children's battle. The man who led it was exceptional in his command of the children with humour and gusto! The parents clearly loved being involved too! Bravo to all involved and here's to more similar events. Thank you

What can I say. what a perfect place for a wedding. The setting is outstanding with views to die for.

We attended a wedding and the reception there and all was wonderful until the food. Anyone with a special requirement appeared to be told we cannot do it. I wanted my food pureed as due to a cancer op i cannot swallow at all well, i was told it could not be done and soup would be served as a starter and main course with hot or cold custard as a sweet. A friend who said they did not eat red meat just had the main without the steak and no alternative was offered not much of an effort for the money being paid. On the plus side the place is very pleasant and the staff were all friendly

My friend introduced me to this lovely walk - up to St Catherine’s Hill, along by the pond and past the Manor House ruins to the walled garden. The ruins give an idea how the Manor House would have looked in Tudor Times and the Walled Garden is scented and colourful. Walking back to the Town, you get an idea of how the causeway across the wetlands would have looked.

Some friends & I visited the cafe, farm & candle shops on Saturday. I was totally blown away with the quality of food on offer - as I’m a vegan I chose the nut heaven smoothie & chia raw slice & then earl grey tea with almond milk all of which were totally delicious. The staff were wonderful & the experience is one I will now often repeat. We then bought organic produce from the farm shop & a beautiful grapefruit candle which my lovely friend bought me as a present. Great visit can’t wait to return

Beautiful place for a wedding, garden is stunning but the venue manager is not easy to work with she doesnt listen or do as asked.

Enjoyed a delicious cream tea in the Walled Garden area on one day and the next day had a light lunch at the Cowdray Cafe end then watched to polo. Good Farm Shop at the cafe and a gift shop too. Plenty of parking and dogs welcome outside. Play area for small children fenced in so quite safe.

Pretty setting in Cowdray Park. Home produced ingredients delivered by friendly waitresses. The Welsh Rarebit is particularly good.

For a company that supposedly prides itself on its holistic ethos you have a funny way of going about things! Between rents so high locals can no longer afford them, jobs being given to non local companies, the high street emptying due to high rents and now your latest endeavour...destroy the woodland, pollute the environment and build quarries for sand extraction that are almost the size of Midhurst really looks like you’d rather destroy the town than nurture it! It seems you’ll only be happy when you have squeezed every single penny you can from the town and left it a soulless over polluted waste ground! When you except grants for building a wildlife corridor only to turn it into a sand quarry. When you protest fracking outside your house because it’s bad for the it doesn’t look good from your windows...and then destroy the environment in Midhurst...well I guess if that’s what you call a holistic approach to business I’d hate to see what you’d do if you were cut throat!

In recent years Cowdray have become increasingly less and less interested in the local community and the environment and more focused on financial gain. They seem to have forgotten what it takes to be a landowner and how their actions impact on the lives of local people. My immediate experience has been to watch the degradation of Bepton Down, a designated SSSI which is a unique area of chalk grassland near Midhurst. More recently they have proposed a 75 hectare quarry on the edge of Midhurst in an existing wildlife corridor. This comes after the family opposed fracking near their home in Fernhurst. Double standards if ever you’ve seen it. The Cowdray website states that they take an holistic approach to the land - but destroying natural habitat, taking 4,000,000 tonnes of sand out of the ground, with an estimated 440,000 lorry journeys + pollution is NOT holistic. I cannot recommend Cowdray.

We had a wonderful 2 days at Cowdray Park for a team event - gorgeous rooms, beautiful food, plenty of space and entertainment for the group in such a stunning settling. Highly recommended.

This is a review of the winter fair held at Cowdray Park. We travelled a long way to get to the Fair as it had been recommended. The Brocante fair is held in two smallish marquees so was not as big as we expected. The access was difficult given that it had rained so bring wellies to walk from the parking to the marquees as it was very muddy. To access the loos you also need to come out of the fair and then walk across a muddy field to some portaloos. The food options were extremely limited but we were given a good recommendation for a local pub. The size of the fair was disappointing given the entrance fee and more thought should be given to how to make the visit worthwhile. It is probably very nice for locals but not so good if you have travelled a long distance.

The most gorgeous venue and perfect day . Jan and her amazing staff made our day the best ever . Jan has been brilliant from start to finish . Can't wait to go back for a cream tea soon. Thanks Andie and Jon .

I recently attended a Bodhimaya detox retreat held at Cowdray Estate. The house and the grounds are simply stunning. Before the retreat I also visited the farm shop, Cowdray Hall and the cafe, all of which were wonderful. Cowdray is one of the only Estates in the UK run with such a deep commitment to holistic principles. I can't recommend this place enough.

Im the co-founder of Bodhimaya Wellness Retreats and we regularly run retreats at Cowdray. We hire several Estates and large venues around the world and I have to say this is our favourite place to run retreats. The ethics of the Estate and their commitment to holistic principles really come through in every aspect of the work they do - the farm shop, the house, the hall and every other aspect of the Estate. Our guests are very discerning and have very high expectations both in terms of service and luxury; Cowdray House does not disappoint. The level of luxury, comfort and style is unsurpassed. Whether for retreats or corporate events, you simply can't find a better venue.

Im the co-founder of Bodhimaya Wellness Retreats and we regularly run retreats at Cowdray. We hire several Estates and large venues around the world and I have to say this is our favourite place to run retreats. The ethics of the Estate and their commitment to holistic principles really come through in every aspect of the work they do - the farm shop, the house, the hall and every other aspect of the Estate. Our guests are very discerning and have very high expectations both in terms of service and luxury; Cowdray House does not disappoint. The level of luxury, comfort and style is unsurpassed. Whether for retreats or corporate events, you simply can't find a better venue.

I love this place. My nan used to be Lord Cowdray's chief house maid and lived in an apartment in the main house, so we had many childhood holidays here. And it's where my mom grew up. Back here with the family for my mom's 80th birthday. The north wing holiday accommodation is fabulous. It's such a beautiful area, especially this autumn.

Come here for years to watch and help with the polo with the kids. Lord cowdrey is a lovely fellow indeed as is the estate. And everything in it. :-)

The 16,500 acre Cowdray Estate, with offices in the tiny village of Easebourne, surrounds the town of Midhurst. Approaching from the east along the A272 road several miles from Easebourne, Benbow Pond, is a very welcome journey-break. Lying in a sheltered valley it has a wood to the east and the 16 acre John Cowdray Arboretum to the west. Inland from the pond is a quiet and very beautiful valley where trees of great age dot the grassy hillside, having been left undisturbed for centuries. The oldest is the Queen Elizabeth Oak which is about 1000 years old. Queen Bess is thought to have sheltered under it when she visted Cowdray in 1592. Benbow has a small metalled car park – it’s free - and a further grassy area edging the pond which together take about 30 cars If you want to walk your dog and stretch your legs the main ride on the same side as the arboretum takes you, after 300 yards, to the Midhurst Way – look for the swing gate on the right hand side - Steward’s Pond, the Queen Elizabeth Oak and the newly planted avenue of lime trees. Alternatively you can go straight up the slope from the Benbow Pond, inland, for a longer circular walk. It’s all quite open and easy to find your way: paths are signposted The Cowdray Holiday Cottages are tucked away behind the trees, with complete privacy, to the east of the pond and have their own short access drive. Most folk seem content to sit by the pond and enjoy the bird life: swans, ducks, geese, moorhens, seagulls and even cormorants. Some birds are so tame they’ll eat out of your hand. If you want a rustic table and seats for a picnic, walk up the first ride in the arboretum, westwards, for 50 yards to the centre point – see picture. This is a wonderful place to bring children, a grassy wonderland full of small trees of many varieties, colours and shapes. The views are in all directions and breathtaking. Remember to bring your camera. I’ve been coming here for a long time witnessing all the seasonal moods and never get tired of it. I don’t think you will either.

Absolutely Beautiful ..

Extraordinary , truly wonderful

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