The 3 Best Stag Do Locations in the UK

  • By Landed Houses
  • on December 22, 2022

Choosing between stag do locations in the UK can seem like an impossible task. You need to consider the preferences of the other stags, where everyone will be travelling from, and what the region offers in terms of activities and nightlife.

However, the best UK stag do locations prioritise the needs and wants of the groom in particular. After all, it is his years of single hood that you’re celebrating in the first place!

If you’re trying to decide where to host a stag do, don’t fret. We have put together a list of the best places in the UK for a stag do to assist you in planning the most spectacular bash in celebration of sending your friend into married life.

London City

1. London

Of course, one of the best stag do locations in the UK has to be the region’s iconic capital, London. The big smoke is a particularly good place to host the party if the crew are piling in from different corners of the UK and the globe.

The public transport to and from London is unrivalled throughout the country. Yet, there are far more reasons to opt for this buzzing metropolis than its transport links. 

London’s sensational nightlife scene easily makes it worthy of being called one of the best locations for a stag do in the UK. On top of having a fantastic array of bars, clubs, and pubs where you can drink and dance the night away, there are a whole host of unique activities that you can enjoy during the day here.

You can do almost anything, from keeping it simple with a bit of paintball to cruising down the Thames in a hot tub. You are sure to find the perfect activity for your crowd in London.

Boxted Hall

Where to Stay for a Stag Do in London – Boxted Hall

Boxted Hall is a romantic manor house located on its very own moat near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. The stunning home makes a fantastic place to stay for a London stag do as it feels a world away from the capital despite lying a short distance from its centre. 

In fact, this idyllic estate lies around 20 minutes from the capital. So, you can party away before returning to this spectacular estate to keep the festivities going long into the early hours. After all, there are few more fitting places to get the party going than on your very own little island!

What’s more, you and fellow guests will be able to enjoy the perfect hangover cure in the morning by choosing between a swim in your private pool and a tournament on the tennis courts. Boxted Hall has room for all the party in its thirteen bedrooms and eleven bedrooms. You can get your hands on this glorious property, from £4,500 for the weekend.

2. Edinburgh

Another of the best stag do locations in the UK is of course the glorious Scottish capital of Edinburgh. This buzzing city is a fabulous place to head if you’re looking for all the hype of England’s capital city without the price tag.

The city itself is nothing short of breathtaking, with a plethora of bars, pubs and clubs nestled within its ancient architecture. For example, The Three Sisters is a bar with an electric bar that tends to have live entertainment and has a courtyard and event space that has room for the whole gang.

Along with classic stag do games, you can incorporate unique activities that blend with Scotland’s history such as Gladiator Dueling and bagpipe lessons. 


Where to Stay for a Stag Do in Edinburgh – Gilmerton House

A spellbinding country estate in the heart of East Lothian, Gilmerton House is one of the best stag do houses you could find in the UK. Sleeping 20 across 10 luxurious bedrooms, you will certainly not be limited in terms of numbers at this gorgeous home.

Located just over half an hour’s drive from the thriving capital, Gilmerton House is a fantastic stag do location for anyone looking for a large holiday home near the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh. Plus, you’ll be able to continue busting moves well into the early hours at this mansion, with your very own dance floor. On top of this, you can organise fireworks to go off in the gardens and challenge each other in the games room. 

A weekend in this magical property can be organised from £3,850. 

3. Devon

The stunning county of Devon is another of the best stag do locations in the UK, partly due to the fantastic array of outdoor activities that this picturesque county offers. Choose between jumping off sea-lined cliffs with a coasteering adventure, quad biking through the region’s spectacular landscapes or getting messy on an off-road dirt buggy adventure. 

While Devon is one of the more alternative stag do locations in the UK, it also ticks the boxes in terms of the nightlife scene. The county’s vibrant capital of Exeter has a fantastic range of party spots where you will find live music, wild nightclubs and cool underground bars. 

Alternatively, you can opt to do a pub crawl around some of the county’s village pubs. Whatever you choose to do, it will not take long for you to see why Devon is one of England’s great stag do locations.

Where to Stay for a Stag Do in Devon – Widworthy Barton

A sensational Elizabethan mansion in East Devon, Widworthy Barton is a Grade II manor house located near the breathtaking landscapes near Honiton. The town itself is incredibly lively, but the house also lies a short distance from Devon’s capital, Exeter. 

The gorgeous property can fit fourteen stags across its seven grand bedrooms. What’s more, you will be able to kick off the party with a bit of friendly competition on the tennis courts

Of course, there are few better ways to refresh yourself the morning after the night before than by having a rejuvenating swim in the property’s outdoor pool. A fantastic stag do location, prices for a weekend in Widworthy Barton start from £2,744.

Widworthy Barton


Choosing the setting is one of the most important parts of the process of planning a stag do. This list has only really scratched the surface of places that the UK has to offer, but these three locations are undoubtedly the highlights of the country.

Struggling to find a place to stay that has room for everyone and fun amenities all the while lying in a convenient location from the UK’s hottest stag do locations? We have a varied selection of stag do houses dotted throughout the country that caters to any and all stag parties.