How to Plan a Stag Do: Top Tips For an Unforgettable Party

  • By Landed Houses
  • on November 30, 2022

We all love an excuse for a party and there’s never a better reason for planning a big bash than your best friend getting married. 

While being asked to plan a stag do is quite the honour, it also involves taking on a whole lot of responsibility. After all, the event marks one of your closest companion’s last night of singlehood. 

Usually a task that befalls the best man, you are likely already quite busy with wedding preparations, but it is definitely worth doing some research on how to plan a stag do to make it the most unforgettable event. 

To help you organise the best celebration possible, we have gathered together some key tips and advice on how to plan an unforgettable stag do.


Planning a Stag Do

Check What the Stag Wants

While it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and dive straight into making extravagant plans, the best cause of action is to consult the groom-to-be. 

While we’re sure you know each other very well and have enjoyed your fair share of nights out and celebrations together, a stag do is an incredibly symbolic occasion for your friend, so it’s best to check in and see what kind of evening he’s looking for.

He might be set on the number of guests, location, timings and appropriate entertainment or activities. So, it’s best to get clued up on what he does or doesn’t want from the get-go. 

That way, you can make sure that your stag do ideas align with what he wants before beginning the planning process. 

Finalise the Guest List

Now you’ve cleared things with the husband-to-be, it’s time to put together the stag-do guest list. The invitees should have already been covered during your initial discussion with the future groom, so all that needs to be done now is put pen to paper.

Then, make the final list, get the approval from the stag and create a group chat or email thread with all of the guests to start sharing your plans.

How To Plan A Stag Do: Top Tips For An Unforgettable Party

Decide on a Date 

After finishing the guest list, discuss dates for the stag. While this might seem like an easy task, there are certainly a few things to consider when deciding the best time to do it. 

Avoid planning the stag do too close to the wedding date to allow everyone time to recover and enjoy the big day in good health. However, you’ll also want the stag do to happen close enough to the wedding date that everyone is already excited and waiting in anticipation.

It’s best to leave between two and five weeks between the wedding day and the stag do. Let the stags know the date as soon as possible to maximise the chance of everyone being free while also allowing time for rearrangements. 

Set the Budget

It’s tremendously important to discuss the budget with the group before you book anything for the stag do. 

You need to gauge exactly how much each person is up for spending to decrease the chance of last-minute dropouts, avoid wasting time on unrealistic plans and have everyone in high spirits during the event and not worrying about how much money they’re spending.

How To Plan A Stag Do: Top Tips For An Unforgettable Party

Decide on a Location

The best stag do locations in the UK vary depending on the needs and interests of the stag party. Are you looking for a city break or to bring the party to a country manor?

First of all, look at the number of people attending and search for areas with large houses or plenty of rooms to accommodate the whole posse comfortably. 

A manor house is a brilliant place for a stag do, offering a luxurious setting far removed from most people’s day-to-day homes and providing more than enough space for everyone. 

Stag Do Activities

Activities are also a huge part of stag dos as they offer everyone the chance to relax and have fun together. They also play an important role in getting less familiar members of the party to bond and have fun together.

Outdoor Stag Do Activities

Escaping into the outdoors can be a terrific way to celebrate with the stags. Activities such as climbing, canyoning, canoeing and go-karting are all super fun stag do ideas. 

How To Plan A Stag Do: Top Tips For An Unforgettable Party

Bar Crawl

Bar crawls are a great way to get the party started. When thinking through stag do pub crawl ideas, always take into consideration the distance between each pub. 

The chosen pubs need to be conveniently close to each other and not have everyone walking for miles and losing the rhythm between each one. You should also remember that having fun is the top priority, but so is keeping everyone safe!

Drinking Games

When looking for fun stag do ideas, never underestimate the power of drinking games. With so many to choose from, different games lend themselves to various stages of the evening in their own way. 

For example, beer pong is a classic and offers a brilliant way to get the drinks flowing at the beginning of the celebrations. Drunk Jenga is a good one to throw into the mix slightly later in the evening, when people are wanting to sit down and concentrate.

Stag Do Ideas in the UK

The best stag do locations in the UK all comes down to personal preference, timings and what is the best fit for your herd of friends and family. 

How To Plan A Stag Do: Top Tips For An Unforgettable Party


Scotland is a great place to head for a stag do in the UK. Whether you’re drawn in by the vibrant cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow or the idea of bringing the party to your own private lodge in the countryside, it’s ideal for stag dos that want to make the most of culture and the great outdoors.

North England

With a notoriously electric party scene, the North of England is an excellent destination for a stag do. Newcastle is a natural option for those looking to head out and explore the city nightlife, whilst Yorkshire is also a fantastic destination. Its rolling countryside and fantastic pub scene perfectly lend themselves to a big celebration.


London and the Home Counties are also among the best stag do locations in the UK. Escape to a party house just outside the capital with ample space for all the stags where everyone can relax and let their hair down.

How To Plan A Stag Do: Top Tips For An Unforgettable Party

Weekend Party Houses

Large party houses make the perfect destination for a stag do that’s going to last the whole weekend. These properties offer each member of the party their own room while also providing communal spaces for games and entertainment.

Considering the imminent hangover that is likely to follow the celebrations, you may prefer to suffer together in privacy without the prying eyes of fellow hotel guests or onlookers. 

Large party houses also tend to boast gorgeous grounds that provide space for games, activities and drinks al fresco. You’ll also find that many large homes boast spectacular amenities such as hot tubs, games rooms and swimming pools. 


Planning a stag do can involve taking on a lot of pressure as you are responsible for planning the best party possible before sending your friend off into married life. We hope this collection of tips and advice on how to plan an unforgettable stag do has got you clued up on what’s important and ready for the challenge!

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