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Large Houses to Rent for Parties

What does it take to create an unforgettable party? The right people and the right place. You choose the right people and we’ll help you to find the right place. Our selection of large houses for parties is diverse and we’ll do everything we can to help you find the perfect location for your birthday party, anniversary celebration, family reunion or for a corporate event that guests will remember for years to come. Read More

Our country houses offer a choice of different entertainment spaces, from panelled ball rooms (like that at Symondsbury Manor), or karaoke room (at Ringshall Grange), to games barns (like the huge one at Ash Barton). Enough options to set up a whole variety of party themes, from a murder mystery (huzzah to retro fun), or an elegant do with cocktails and wandering peacocks.

Big houses were built for big parties, and don’t just have the perfect entertainment space, they have the perfect behind-the-scenes space too. Kitchens and sculleries tend to be generous and well-equipped, making life easy for catering staff (or in-house cook). There tends to be enough loos and mirrors and cloakroom space available, and at least one or two sitting-rooms for tired guests to escape for a rest.

Not least in the list of advantages of hiring a country manor, is the management team of the house. We have found them to be endlessly obliging, and they will offer as much or little practical assistance as you might require (although they might baulk at hanging five thousand fairy-lights in the orchard).

Our wide range of country estates and manor houses have facilities for guests with special requirements, such as accessible bathrooms and accommodation on a ground floor (or separate cottage, if a guest may tire easily and need an early bed).

Although our houses tend to be deep within a country estate, they’re usually easy to find and, of course, there’s ample parking. Whether you want to organise dedicated transport, or provide directions for guests to come in their own cars, getting people to your chosen venue is always achievable.

A Word From Edmund

I’ve chosen a country house as a venue for a party time and time again – they simply offer something hotels don’t (and I’m well past the age of partying in just a field). They also offer a very high degree of privacy, as they the houses in our collection are all for hire on an exclusive-use basis. No pesky strangers, griping about a raucous guest or two!

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Beautiful Large Houses for Parties