Your stately home… by public transport?

We often hear of people (and companies) from London that are on the look out for a stately home to rent “within 2 hours’ drive” of the centre of town. There is a lot of sense in the request for no one wants to spend 6 hours travelling for a few nights’ accomodation. However public transport means you can get a long way from London, quickly, at reasonable cost and with a good book in hand to make the journey more pleasant. By comparison, sitting on the M4 in traffic is a largely frustrating experience no matter what is on the radio!

Many of the private estates near London are closed to the rental market but a bit further out there is a wealth to choose from. A worker in London could take a train from Paddington to Exeter in two hours and nineteen minutes, hire a taxi or car (eg Whip Car or Google) and be at Cadhay by 9pm on a Friday evening. For the true weekend adventure one could take the overnight sleeper from Euston to Inverness and be at Achnagairn in time for Saturday breakfast!

Some will feel that they need to have the use of a car for their stay (particularly for day trips) but for others they can either rely on fellow guests or simply do without. Get a taxi or minibus from the nearest station, have the food delivered and Bob is your uncle. Or for buses take a look at Transport Direct, local car hire at Kayak.

If you are looking to host a great party be creative about your location and give the old public transport a second thought, no matter how remote you are going. The joy of escaping bustling towns and cities to visit quaint towns and villages will make the travel distance all the more worth it. To see the full range of locations, take a look at our map.

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