Wild Swimming In the Estate Lake…

Here at Landed Houses, we quite often get enquiries from swimmers looking for houses with lakes, ponds and rivers, in which they can indulge their passion – wild swimming!

Wild swimming is growing in popularity, and it means to swim in anything but chlorinated water. A couple of girls from our office have both indulged (one as training for the Blenheim Triathlon, where you swim across the lake), and we’ve become rather fascinated by the idea.

Most of our country houses have some sort of watery element, but often our owners are reluctant to let people swim in the estate lake (or even a moat!) in case they hurt themselves, or get into difficulties. 

We had this in mind when we met Mike, from the A G A Group, who specialise in water management. Mike started to tell us about the Natural Swimming Ponds that his company create, and we thought we’d share his enthusiasm and knowledge with you. 

Natural Swimming Ponds are seen as an ecologically and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional swimming pools.  The ponds are in tune with nature, look beautiful, and respect the environment. 

A.G.A. Bio-engineering have specialised in natural ponds for many years – here are the key points.


¯            Ecologically and environmentally friendly, using no chemicals

¯            More natural, it feels like you are swimming in your own lake

¯            Improve the biodiversity value of your garden by encouraging wildlife such as dragonflies.

¯            Considerably less maintenance than traditional swimming pools

¯            Attractive all year around

¯            No health risks

¯            Uniquely designed to your tastes and needs, no two swimming ponds are the same


The A.G.A Group can offer a design and construction service for natural swimming ponds suitable for all types of property and layouts, we work with you to create a swimming pond that meets all of your requirements and is specifically created so you can swim in pure naturally filtered water with no chemicals.


We carry out the full construction ourselves and depending on the size of the pond can take 4-6 weeks to complete and then on the season be ready to swim in within 2-3 weeks.


How do natural swimming ponds work?

A regeneration area of aquatic plants surrounds the swimming area (2 or 3 sides is the minimum recommended for successful cleaning). A wall below the water surface is used to keep the soil and planting apart from the swimming area.

Water is moved from the base of the swimming area to the edge of the regeneration area by pump and a skimmer box keeps the surface of the pool free of floating debris.

Pond filtration system are provided by our commercial manufacturing partners Oase

The swimming base can be in gravel, traditional tiles or even Astro Turf, depending on the client’s preference.

Water discharging into a shallow area at the top of the regeneration zone keeps it slightly warmer than a stagnant pond, however heating can be applied (using the mains supply or solar panels) but the temperature should exceed the recommended 20-25C so as not to disturb the planting.

 Where Are They Suitable For?

Most places! 


Thank you, Mike, and actually, now we have loads more questions…how do you maintain them? How often? Are they affected by weather? Ooo…we feel further Blogs might be necessary, and photos!

Until the next Blog, you can meet Mike and his team at the CLA Game Fair, at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire (July 20th-22nd).

We’ll also be there, representing our best shooting, fishing, golf and equine estates, plus our country houses and mansions for hire.

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