When do you know it’s time for a party? Part I

Country House Party

Do you feel restless?

Country House Party

Has the black tie or ball gown been taken out of the wardrobe for a quick peek once too often?

Do you find yourself on Pinterest on the hour looking for the right outfit, erm then shoes then…..and so on?

Or has a trip to the vintners filled your head with the best bubbly deals that need an appreciative audience?

Maybe you find yourself humming Daft Punk (oh dear!)

It might be one or all of these but as Christmas seems like a million years ago it really is time to ring a few dates in the calendar. Then get checking out a spectacular venue for a bit of a do. When party fever strikes there’s only one vaccine guaranteed to work: throw an extravagant party as you throw caution to the wind!


So, what’s to do?

Time, date, place is first on the list. A couple of weeks’ notice is good. If you’re prepared to shop around then venues might come up with the good but a bit more time would endear you to all and sundry!

If you are planning party of the year you might want to give a bit more time. Plan your date with care. You might want it to clash with some great fixture, event, time of year deliberately and go for a themed bash. On the other hand, hmnn a little sensitivity might not go amiss. Post a few ideas and see if your chums take the bait. If not, think again.Ball Dress

Timings are funny things – time of the year, time of day, location, all will all play a part in how your party turns out. Don’t rule out brunch, or midsummer or simply to celebrate longer days and shorter nights. Whatever you decide, give it some thought: to theme or not to theme that may well be the question!

The venue is the killer decision that will dictate numbers and your A-listers. If security is an issue then make sure the venue knows how to deal with ‘pap fodder’. Also consider how many mouths will be wanting to nibble on your canapés and quaff your champagne that way you begin to get the measure of your partying ambition.

Getting there is one thing, staying over quite another. Depending whose name is penciled in you may need helicopter facilities, concierge and security. Get that settled first with the venue. Here’s a helicopter at Huntsham Court.

Huntsham Court Helicopter

You need to plan, plan, plan. If that sounds like a huge yawn you can find someone to do all that for you. An experienced party organizer knows all the pitfalls and could save you hours of agro and considerable funds too. They are always happy to give advice (http://fairfaxandfox.com/)

This is just the beginning, check back for Part II.

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