Weekend breaks without connectivity -could you?

Weekend breaks with Landed Houses

Why weekend breaks in country houses are what we all need

It’s no surprise we are all under intense pressure. Social media and that little critter the smart phone have us locked in their powerful grasp. Regular weekend breaks, where dare I say it, we banish the phone to the Gladstone Bag could be an idea. Did I really just type that?

Weekend breaks with Landed Houses

Weekend breaks recharge the batteries and the mobile phones!

What? What? Are you kidding me? Be parted from my phone? You are crazy.

Quite probably but a change is as good as a rest. Strangely enough there was a time when people lived without the  Internet. It was something that happened yesterday that got me thinking how times have changed.

A colleague called and said: ‘OMG the guy doesn’t have a mobile, an email or a phone. What the hell am I going to do?’

‘Well, why not drop round to his house as he lives locally.’

‘I’ve done that; he wasn’t in.’

‘Did you leave a note?’ I asked, smiling to myself.

‘I didn’t think of that.’ my colleague sighed

‘Well, that’s what we used to do in the olden days.’

It was a funny exchange and it made me wonder about the person without email, mobile or phone line. In fact it would be an interesting experiment to go to a house in the country and ban all internet connectivity for weekend breaks with a difference. Hold a party and hire a photographer. The only photos to be taken are official ones. No selfies, no Facebook updates ‘Hey, great weekend break in the country!‘ Nothing ;just some old fashioned socialising in the flesh.

Ball Dress for weekend breaks

Wear a different ball dress on various weekend breaks in the country this year…we all need an excuse!


Just think, no conversations interrupted by texts and calls, no constant update checks – everyone would be in the moment. How radical is that we wonder? The question is could you do it?

Having a break from routine and let’s face it communication is now routine, and returning to a life that was slightly less frenetic might be the thing we all need to do. Weekend breaks are great little packets of time where we make the most of them and return to the twenty first century refreshed and with plenty to tweet about!

Weekend breaks in Wales can improve your ability to relax

Weekend breaks in Wales can improve your ability to relax

Here are a couple of suggestions for a disconnected  really rural weekend. in the country. Have a think, grab some chums and see if you can manage. on the other side as it were Let us know how you do . We’ll certainly be very interested. Life without the Internet? We shall see.




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