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Planning a wedding? Great! You have arrived at a page that’s unbiased and full of useful information. We assume you’ve found a venue so this page is all about the all-important suppliers…

Section 1: Wedding Spreadsheet

Everyone needs a wedding spreadsheet. You can store it on your own computer or share it via Google Docs. It’s a list of things-not-to-forget, and the attached sheet is a great starting point. Adapt it to your requirements though and if you come across a better example please share it with us!

Wedding Sheet

Section 2: Wedding Bands

We have spoken with loads of wedding band websites over the years, including Bands for Hire and Ben Marshall. Our favourite though is Alive Network, who have always gone the extra mile. After an initial enquiry via their website, a chap called Grant (a real human, not a generic helpline) picked up the phone and left a charming voicemail. He knew loads about the specific band that we were interested in. Great. After booking, he forwarded the lead singer’s contact details in case we wanted to check anything. No ‘wait until nearer the time before we introduce you’ and no dodgy contracts – another provider issued a ‘watertight’ contract that was so vague we couldn’t bring ourselves to sign it! Plus they have loads of choice and loads of reviews.

You’ll find a three-person band cheaper than a five-person band (for obvious reasons) but some of the smaller ones can still sound great. Expect to pay between £1,000 and £2,500 depending on the band’s experience and size.

Section 3: Photographer

Wedding photography is a competitive market and there are a few sites to use to compare the options. Try Guides for Brides and Hitched who both have comprehensive lists. Spend a while looking through the photographers’ websites – go direct – and see if you can find someone that has the quality you need for an appropriate price. In 2018 prices seem to vary from about £750 to £2,500, so there’s a wide variation. An alternative approach is to use Bidvine, which is a site where you specify key details (location, date and rough budget) and photographers come to you (via the Bidvine platform). Photographers pay a few Pounds to contact you, and you’re then free to deal directly with them.

Section 4: Videographer

The photographer sites above tend to have videographers too, but it’s a different skill so make sure you find an expert videographer rather than a photographer who happens to be able to press record! Bidvine also allows you to pitch for videographers and we’ve successfully found good people through them. The pricing tends to be similar to photographers; if anything a little lower.

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  1. Sarah M. says:

    Great tips for my wedding later this year – thank you!

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    Hello, thank you for this. Have you reviewed any wedding websites?

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