The Ultimate Best Man Checklist

The Ultimate Best Man Checklist

The Ultimate Best Man Checklist

So you’ve been trusted with the absolute honour of being your buddy’s best man on his big day. Now what? It’s a huge responsibility – but if you’ve got a few simple elements covered and follow the rules, you’re sorted.

Support Act

When all’s said and done, you’re there to support your mate through what is one of the biggest days of their entire life. It may throw up unexpected challenges, a few hilarious gaffes and there’ll be plenty of merriment as you enjoy celebrating his last days as a single fella – but just make sure you’re by his side to support him every step of the way.

The countdown

You’ll be heavily involved in the planning on the event – especially on the groom’s side. You might be expected to help choose suits for the groom and for yourself, organise the stag do, help with a few surprises for the bride and even liaise with caterers and other staff who will be present on the day. Make sure you’re organised and you’ve allocated plenty of time to dedicate to the tasks at hand – just in case you end up with more than you bargained for.

You might be expected to help choose suits for the groom and for yourself.

You might be expected to help choose suits for the groom and for yourself.

Location, Location, Location

You’ll need to know the venue well and will be liaising with them quite frequently both during the run up to the wedding and on the day itself. Familiarise yourself with your surroundingsspeak to any staff or owners who may be present and chat with them about proceedings. If there’s no venue yet you may be asked to help choose one – can save you plenty of time and money and promises a choice of the most incredible locations. The selection of stunning country houses will be bound to suit even the pickiest of brides, so you’ll win some extra brownie points from the groom there!

I do

You’ve got a really important role at the ceremony itself. Not only are you the keeper of the rings, you’ll be expected to make sure everyone’s at church on time, perhaps to do a quick headcount and make sure everyone is present, and generally keep things running smoothly throughout proceedings until everyone is ready to leave – then you’re in charge of carriages, taxis and coaches!

The speech

Yep – this one’s the big one. But it really doesn’t need to be complicated, elaborate, or even side-splittingly funny. Write a first draft, make it honest (brutally, if you want to!) then have it looked over by someone completely impartial who can edit it to be perfectly appropriate for the toast.


Yep – this one’s the big one. The speech...

Yep – this one’s the big one. The speech.

At the reception you may also have additional duties, such as taking care of gifts and money given by guests, making sure the table plan is followed and keeping the time schedule – allowing the bride and groom to enjoy the party worry-free. The most important thing to remember, is don’t drink too much, be sociable with the other guess, and enjoy yourself. If you’re having a great time, then chances are you’ll be making the reception more fun for others.


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