Types of Guests for Short Let Mansions & Big Houses

Who might be the type to choose to short term let? Lots of different people, and once you know who they are, you can plan your marketing accordingly. See some of our suggestions below…


  • British Business man – on a short term contract. He may have his family with him, or want somewhere impressive to entertain colleagues. He might like good transport links, decent caterers or a Michelin restaurant nearby. Might he want to entertain corporate style from the house? Do you have rugby stadiums nearby, or horse racing?


  • International business man, on a short term contract. Again, family and will need space for friends and other family to stay. Think what his business may be and what you could provide. Viewing room for rushes? A barn converted for meetings, with fixed projectors screens. Or games room, for unwinding. What are your local private airports? What size plane can they accommodate?


  • Group of friends – they might be in and out of the house, or only there on weekends. They might like diversions like the seaside, or country sports. Could you offer that? And a decent pub, silly games, perhaps a trampoline for the children. Consider also provision for horses or dogs – if you don’t have stables, is there anywhere nearby?


  • Recovery – someone may wish to use your house as somewhere private to recuperate. Could you offer the services of a local hot-stone masseuse, or yoga master?


  • Movers – People may want to move to your area, but don’t want to buy yet (funds not yet available, haven’t found the right place). If so, are they looking at schools, or ease of contract in case they want to move quick.


  • Family – Parents may have sold the big family home, and now the family need a new place to congregate. Consider perhaps lower rates, as if they like your house, they are likely to be return guests.


 For more suggestions on how to attract short term let guests, please see our other Blog posts, or feel welcome to email us help@landedhouses.co.uk.



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