Top Venues For The Top Brass – Network In Style

When it’s time for the top brass at a company to get together for a series of meetings or conferences then you have three choices. You can either shuffle about the furniture in some of your back rooms, making a bit of space and hoping that this will act as inspiration for a great deal of open and creative thought, or you could book a few hotel rooms and a couple of conference suites and hope that this offers an atmosphere more conducive to such thought. Or of course, you could book a large country estate and stop wondering whether it will work, and simply look forward to a dynamic and fruitful few days’ networking.

Obviously a few offices or meeting rooms at work aren’t going to really allow the top people to get away from the stress and hassle of the daily workplace, and the interruptions will be too many to allow them to really focus on the challenges and opportunities in hand. This is why so many businesses book hotels for their conferences, but this has a number of problems.

Whilst booking a hotel will certainly provide people with somewhere to sleep, enabling them to be available throughout the whole day, keeping the ball rolling and ensuring everyone is available, there’s little privacy, few amenities and almost no flexibility. Rooms will need to be booked and scheduled, and this doesn’t allow for last minutes changes or opportunities. Other guests may well impact on the feeling of solidarity and privacy, and there’s often not as much success as might be hoped.

But instead of booking a hotel room, consider booking a large country manor house, since this solves all of the problems and adds many more opportunities on top. If you’re serious about getting the top brass of the company together under one roof, providing the opportunity to set up committees, groups, conferences, meetings and networking opportunities then a large country home to rent offers the ideal combination of convenience and flexibility. The property is yours for the entire duration of your stay, there are no other guests to worry about, you’re completely in control of your timetable, using conference rooms as you see fit, and making changes to suit you, not other guests.

There are also many facilities available at many of the historic country houses on our list, such as golf and shooting. With facilities such as billiard rooms, libraries, drawing rooms and spa facilities a country home offers the perfect venue for an important business conference or network meeting. If it’s creativity and progress you want, you’re far more likely to find people opening their minds whilst playing a round of golf in grounds which overlook rolling countryside than a poky conference room that’s only available for one hour and looks out across a busy high street.

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