Top 10 Party Opportunities to create when disaster strikes

Cocktail Splash

If you’re  kicking yourself that you haven’t organized a Valentines Ball at one of our very romantic landed houses there’s always next year!

Life’s too short to pine. I always think Bruce Lee was right when he said:

 ‘To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

So keeping this spirit in mind I thought it was time to cook up some brilliant excuse to throw a party


Top 10 Party Opportunities to create

when disaster strikes


10. Hell, lost control of the Jag just outside the village – oh well, that means the Bentley will get a run out. Plenty of space to motor with chums into the country and celebrate!

Jaguar Village


9.  Phew! Lucky I’m not Chelsea Clinton’s father! Her wedding bill was $5 million. Let’s celebrate in this gorgeous pile in the country!


8. What a stroke of genius I’m only 50 once in a lifetime! Unlike the Sultan of Brunei, Pendragon Country House will not cost me $27.5 million making it the most expensive party ever thrown. That must be a reason to book right now!


7. Drank all the vintage champagne but found another 50 bottles in the cellar. Paaarrttiie!


6. Made it home from the Harrods sale in one piece. Let’s organize a medal ceremony!Harrods Bag


5. Just bought a new pair of pink Hunters and now need some country grounds for my very own Glastonbury extravaganza.


4. Broke through my Candy Crush block and that, dear party goers, is the excuse we were all waiting for.


3. Just got the helicopter serviced and it needs a quick spin. The ultimate landing pad is right here.


2. Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, Henley, Cowes a party in each methinks, to keep up the British spirit after all this rain.Ascot


1. I didn’t get to marry Wills, hmnn, time to plan a Valentine’s Ball for 2015 and find my prince.


Whatever your excuse check through these beautiful landed houses and plan the party you and your friends will never forget. There’s a  suitable venue for whatever’s on your mind.

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