To cater or not to cater?

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Eating arrangements for events in large houses can become complicated. Most (nearly all) Landed Houses properties are let as ‘self-catering’ but will happily put the organiser in touch with local caterers. For most guests it comes down to a choice between cost and convenience. There are a number of options available to consider and different choices can be made for different meals. Options are –

1. Cook at home in advance.
2. Have delivered/bring ingredients and cook at venue from scratch.
3. Bring in ‘full service’ caterers / a local farmer and his/her friends!
4. Order ‘finished’ food to heat and serve.

Much of the cost of ‘full service’ caterers is in the staff required for serving and washing up. In our experience that particular task can be shared amongst many hands and a dishwasher, whereas the actual cooking tends to be a more cumbersome and lonely affair – whilst everyone is outside enjoying themselves no-one wishes to be tied to a stove! With this in mind, we are considering pairing up with a good farmhouse pie-maker that can supply fresh pies, reliably and at reasonable cost. Rather than ship them multiple times across the country they will go straight from kitchen to kitchen and be ready for your arrival. If you would like us to press on with this service please ‘vote’ using the panel on the right hand side of the main Landed Houses website ( Whatever you choose to do, eat well and enjoy your event!

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