Things To Do In The Peak District – Adventures!

Holidaying as a group is tremendous fun, but it does help if you’ve lots to do, and activities that suit everyone.

One of our new houses, Cliff House, in the Peak District, has sent us a huge and useful list of  adventurous and adrenalin-fuelled things to do in The Peak District, which we thought we’d share with you.

Go Ape in Buxton – – A fantastic tree climbing high wire experience. Not to be done after a heavy lunch, or wearing high-heels. Definitely not to be done wearing a toupee.

 Go karting – Harpur Hill Industrial Estate, Buxton, SK17 9JL. Always a good one for the girls to thrash the boys…once all that testosterone kicks in, a lady’s naturally superior driving techniques gets her that chequered flag every time. 

 Adventure days – such as caving, climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking etc. Cliff House recommend the following companies:

Landed Houses recommends padded pants for mountain biking. And kayaking, actually. In fact, just wear padded pants full stop, and laugh at your friends when they get numb-bottoms from perching on rocks for a rest.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – – clay shooting & fishing

You don’t need tweed, or suspicious-looking dangly things hanging off your knee-socks. Just go and shoot! It’s brilliant fun (ladies…see Ladies-Shooting for expert sartorial advice… and superb tips).

 Quad bikes & Paint ball – – near Ashbourne

 Once again…we shall mention the padded pants…

All of these fabulous activities can be thoroughly enjoyed, before returning to Cliff House, Monsal, for a long, hot bath and a slap-up dinner.

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