The Perfect Start to Married Life

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Your wedding day is one of the most important life events you’ll ever experience. Therefore it’s crucial that you get it right. There are ways to enhance your day and to make that wedded bliss feeling last longer, by giving yourself a taste of your future!

Have it All

When we marry we start a brand new life and unless we’ve spent the engagement buying and selling houses, reproducing and perfecting family life, we start with a fresh slate.

This doesn’t stop us from having dreams though as our wedding day is just the beginning and in our futures we see grand houses full of family, nieces, nephews and cousins in an idyllic setting.

You can embrace this future by having a taste of it for your wedding, here’s how:

Be the Hostess

Hiring a large, grand house for a wedding is ideal, as you can decorate it to your taste, hold the reception there, even get married there and make your wedding last a full weekend. Brides and Grooms can stay the night before in separate wings while bridesmaids and special guests can have a bedroom of their own.

On waking on the morning of your wedding, you can concentrate solely on you, on your enjoyment, your future while being surrounded by family and friends.

The house becomes yours for as many nights as you need making it your own special place that’s private, glamorous and bespoke to your tastes.

On Your Terms

With your living quarters on site in an idyllic location you and the groom can sneak off for a little alone time without being missed. It’s ironic that on your wedding day you rarely get to chat with your groom or bride alone. Along with this you can also change from wedding attire to evening attire with ease, enjoying the luxury facilities to ensure you look your best all day.

Offer Extra

Every bride and groom want their wedding to be the best, you’ve learned what to do and what not to do from weddings you’ve attended and now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. Generosity is always favoured with guests, as you offer free luxury accommodation or fly them back from their home country to attend your special day. With a huge house to yourself you can allow your closest guests to stay over, letting them celebrate for a little longer as they share breakfast with you the next day.

Photo Opportunities

With such a great house at your disposal you also have plenty of time to discover the best spots for photographs. From sunlit historic walkways to bronze garden features, you can incorporate the whole house into your pictures giving a Downtown Abbey feel.

After a wedding weekend in a manor house you’ll have a taste of the high life that you’ll no doubt achieve with your new spouse.

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