The people behind the houses: Northmoor’s ‘Biscuit’

The properties on Landed Houses are defined by the people that run them – owners, house keepers, cleaners, gardeners, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, technicians… a never-ending list. For many it is a full time job and without real recognition by the guests who don’t see the day-to-day staff – only their work!

We thought it would be fun to run a series on the people behind the houses. First-up is…

Biscuit (no one knows his real name, like the Top Gear’s Stig) from Northmoor House.

Northmoor Houses - Biscuit

Biscuit is Northmoor’s semi-tame Kiwi groundsman. One morning he discovered that someone had driven over the lawn and, well, his comments are not repeatable. Fortunately for them, the culprits had left by the time Biscuit arrived!

Biscuit left his trousers in New Zealand and has survived since 1999 with just a pair of shorts. He came to the UK to play for Minehead rugby club and is one of a long line of Minehead players that work at Northmoor. The trend started when Melinda, Northmoor’s owner, went to a hunt ball and accidentally lent her car to a complete stranger (true story). Fortunately they brought the car back and in return he was given a job, which has passed between friends. Biscuit loves working at Northmoor and has tamed wild grounds into something that the guests can enjoy. He is a truly hardy soul and is much appreciated – Northmoor woudn’t be Northmoor without Biscuit!

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5 Responses

  1. Rebecca Robinson says:

    This is fantastic big brother. So proud of you and glad you still holding onto your kiwiness. Love your little sis.

  2. Debra Moody says:

    I am Biscuit’s Mum in new Zealand. thanks so much for featuring him in The People Behind The Houses. It is great to see he hasn’t lost all his Kiwiness (the shorts). He just loves his work At Northmoor and takes real pride in the work he does there. Debra

  3. Leanne millward says:

    I’m sure you will be overflowing with bookings now the secrets out about your amazing staff member biscuit aka David – love your aunty Leanne

  4. Marie says:

    Biscuit lived next door to us in Waverley ,New Zealand. What a wonderful job he has,and you are lucky to have him!

  5. chocky says:

    hey mate loks awesome mate biscuit and i are cousins except he 2 foot shorter haha good on ya mate

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