The origins of Landed Houses

This is my first ‘personal’ blog post, and about time too. Given Melinda at Northmoor’s take perhaps I should follow likewise!

We are about to embark upon Landed Houses’ first-ever trade fair by taking a stall at the CLA at Belvoir Castle. The inspiration behind it is really Carlie so I cannot claim all the credit, but I am thrilled that we are partaking nonetheless. The joy of working for Landed Houses is still as strong as ever and we all love helping fill big houses with guests that invariably have a wonderful time.

To this day, people still question why we do it; for it is not all about money.  If that were the case we’d take any old house into the portfolio and just run a ‘pile em high company’ like a few competitors. We love helping the country houses that are our members and the people that want to stay in them. Why? Well, firstly, it’s fun and rewarding. Secondly, it’s a proper way to run a business. As long as it doesn’t make a loss (and thankfully it never has), let’s build oodles of goodwill. Hopefully people will tell their friends and they too can enjoy a jolly good party – country manors have never been so accessible to so many people.

There is something about being in the open countryside with friends and family that, as an city chap, is very hard to articulate. The space, the friendship and the lack of urban distractions are all tricky to explain. I recently came across this childhood photo (in fetching red) which perhaps says it all…

Now how can I get other people into the countryside!?

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