The Ghost Of Christmas Future, In A Manor House Built For Cheer

As the last vestiges of summer drift on the wing of golden Autumnal breezes heading south to warmer climes it’s time to look forward to the snow cracked ice tipped glint of another frosty Christmas season. It’s only round the corner, and now is a good time to start making those plans, as the best places get booked very early.

Increasingly families each seem to have witness their own Diaspora, with everyone who matters now spread far and wide, making it hard to agree anywhere to meet up. Perhaps hiring a large manor house in the country might be the ideal answer. Choosing a rural estate to which everyone can conveniently retreat for the festive season makes a lot of sense.

Having everyone under one roof, yet not on each other’s laps (unless they want to, especially after a few large brandies) makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere, and a Christmas morning with all of the family and their friends gathered around a crackling log fire in an open hearth is the best way to make sure the day is truly magical.

As the cold chill blue of a winter sky outside streams in through mullioned windows framed by the mighty stones born of the same country, fiery imps glinting as sparks reflected in crystal glasses and champagne flutes, surrounded by decorations and furnishings which transport you to a time when tradition and family meant more than it often seems to today you can celebrate a feast of wonder and merriment. Not only that, but no one has to worry about getting a taxi back, or abstaining from the festive cheer, allowing everyone to relax in style.

Hiring a country estate for a large number of people offers many advantages, from convenience and versatility to privacy and flexibility, and often with a large number of people the cost works out to be very reasonable. Whether you go for self catering or you hire caterers to prepare your festive banquets, you’re guaranteed a Christmas to remember. But remember, make sure you book early to avoid disappointment. Country houses at Christmas are an increasingly popular choice, and make ideal venues for Christmas weddings, anniversaries and other combined occasions in the middle of winter.

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