The Game Fair that wasn’t to be…

We spent many (many) hours preparing our stand at this year’s CLA Game Fair. It was going to have big outdoor posters, a 42 inch TV, comfortable seating, a marquee and free tea and coffee…

Unfortunately our British weather has put pay to all of it as the CLA has had to cancel the Fair. Rumour has it that the set-up was a fortnight behind (with only a week to go) and the ground as soggy as it gets – and that’s before tens of thousands of vehicles arrive to tear it all up. So, on health and safety grounds (and perhaps simple practicality) the event was called off.

Landed Houses were going to show off five great houses with all their outdoor activities, from driven shooting to riding to rally driving. Having produced (and printed) a brochure, it seems a shame not to share it! Please do flick through and any comments and feedback are welcome.


And, if you’re really interested, here’s what the printing process looked like!

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  1. Ian Maskell says:

    That’s not actually true about the build being behind. They were only about a day behind. I walked my dog on site over the weekend and chatted to one of the guys up there. They just wouln’t physically have been able to get the exhibitors on to the site. That was the only build left to do as it’s all up grandstands, toilets, shedding, marquees the lot.

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