The End of The Shooting Season

The End of The Shooting Season
…but the beginning of the hard work!

As part of Landed Houses’ series on Country Sports, we’ve invited Teresa Bird of Beech Tree Game Farm, to pen a guest Blog for us. Teresa breeds Kansas Pheasants (both day olds, and poults), raising them from her hatchery on her Devon farm. Thank you, Teresa!

Well, the season finishes this week, and it’s been an excellent one for us. We’ve sent birds to Essex, Hampshire, Somerset, Wales even as far as the Scottish Borders!, and had some great feedback. We love our Kansas stock, but it’s great to hear gamekeepers do too – the birds fly high and withstand pressure from the beaters, providing exciting sport and long drives. The gamekeepers also appreciated the feed-intake – being smaller, Kansas birds consume 30% less than heavier breeds.

So, our next job is to move this year’s layers and get them vaccinated, ready for the laying to start, which is traditionally around the middle of March.

We’ve been working on the pens, ensuring they’re all in top condition, and no places for predators to get in. We have foxes in the area, but luckily we very rarely lose a bird to them.

We have 90,000 poults and 80,000 chicks to look after, planned for thirty or so estates, so we’ve got our work cut out!

We’ll be back on Landed Houses in the Spring, for an update on our layers, hopefully with some great photos.

Best wishes,
Teresa Bird
Beech Tree Game Farm

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