The Benefits Of Hiring Large Country Homes And Rural Retreats

With the number of large country homes available for rent in England now at an all time high the opportunity is there for anyone looking for a venue for a special occasion to really find something truly special. With houses in the country to rent for less than you’d think when divided amongst the number of guests it’s increasingly the case that people are considering the practical benefits of looking for a lodge for hire or a large estate or even a castle.

With Downton Abbey now in its second series more people than ever are starting to see the charm and beauty of having a grand, secluded country retreat, and for a special anniversary, special birthday or other special occasion a large country home offers seclusion, privacy, comfort, glamour and a setting that’s just magical.

When you take into consideration the fact that no transport is necessary ferrying guests around, that the cost of meals isn’t extra as many people opt for self catering, and that the cost of rooms is one set figure with no extra charges, the benefits just keep adding up.

Having your own lawns to relax on in peace and privacy, perhaps with a game of croquet set up, you can feel far more special than is ever possible at a hotel. In fact hiring a large country estate for the weekend or for a few days mid week offers all of the advantages of a hotel, with none of the disadvantages, and with a whole heap of added benefits on top for good measure.

Of course whilst some of the very large, grand stately homes and castles cost more, you’ll be surprised at just how affordable slightly more modest country homes can be, especially when you consider how many extra guests you can invite for no extra charge. The only limiting factor is how many beds are available, or at least, how many people are willing to share a bed – but that’s a completely different sort of party! Eat when you like, where you like, have the grounds to yourself, and all of the facilities too.

For a special occasion that’s going to be photographed a rural retreat offers the chance to have photographs taken in your own time, and without anyone else getting in the way. If the weather isn’t perfect you can easily have the photographs taken the next day. It’s all about flexibility and convenience, with the chance to make people feel extra special. From the moment you come down the driveway and park outside you feel special, perhaps almost a part of the Downton Abbey story, or perhaps an Agatha Christie book. Just make sure you don’t have thirteen for dinner, unless of course the event is supposed to be a murder mystery evening, in which case having the run of your own castle or country manor house offers no better setting.

Just imagine waking up in a four poster bed, drawing the rich curtains aside and looking out across perfectly manicured lawns, ornate gardens or enticing terraces, getting dressed and coming down for breakfast, perhaps in a lavish dining hall or even outside. If you’ve considered booking a hotel for your guests, add up the complete cost, and then consider the advantages of hiring a modest rural house or country cottage and it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing to opt for country houses for hire.

If nothing else, the thought of helping to protect and support a piece of English history rather than lining the pockets of a hotel emporium makes you feel good. Don’t just plan an event, create a event that won’t be forgotten, and will help generate memories that will last a lifetime.

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