The Benefits Of Booking A Large Country House For Your Next Business Conference

One of the biggest problems when organising a business conference at a hotel is that it’s a hotel. Inevitably there are going to be several drawbacks, including a high level of restriction in terms of space, privacy, flexibility and convenience. When compared to looking at a large houses for rent, such as large country homes, country estates and even castles, it’s hard to know quite why any business would prefer the limitations and restrictions of a hotel at all.

Let’s also appreciate the fact that most business conferences are about inspiring, motivating and enhancing the performance of a team of people. Dumping everyone in a compact conference room in an uninspiring hotel in the centre of town is unlikely to inspire much creative thought, motivate people to new levels of confidence and imagination or engender any tangible sense of enthusiasm.

By looking at the alternative of booking a country house for hire it’s easy to see why it makes such a preferable solution for businesses who are genuinely looking to make a difference with their conference. To start with you have the whole property to yourself. This makes a real contrast with the hotel where you’re often sharing the space with dozens of other guests, not to mention staff all over the place. By hiring your own large country estate you have the run of the whole property, both inside and out. This means that you could have some sessions outside on the lawn, where the fresh air and sunshine is highly likely to offer a fresh contrast with the enclosed space of an office.

Holding a conference at a large country home or even a genuine castle you can organise your conference over the days you have booked the property so that that you can have different groups working in different locations. Not everyone needs to be sitting in one big group all the time, and unless you’re delivering a lecture everyone needs to hear, it’s often much more effective to have people in smaller groups. For a start it’s less easy for people to kick back in a chair and surf through the lecture whilst playing Angry Birds on the iPhone they’ve hidden behind their conference notes.

So hiring a large country house offers significantly more privacy, much greater flexibility, bags more convenience and all for very little difference in terms of overall cost. But let’s not forget perhaps the most important difference of all.

Most people would agree that sitting in an ornate, beautifully decorated country home, looking out of a window at the elegantly manicured terraces, lawns and gardens, and knowing that you’re able to enjoy this splendid property for the entire time you’re at the conference is almost certainly going to make people feel much more positive about the whole occasion, and willing to invest more of their energy, and commit to the activities, discussions, lectures and networking opportunities more than they might otherwise have done.

Whether you choose to bring your own caterers with you, hire a catering firm or even go self catering, the convenience of having your own country estate for a few days is guaranteed to have a more positive influence on the whole event than a run of the mill hotel.

Hotels imply a brief stay, an overnight stop, a temporary place that’s been used by thousands of people before you and in which you are only a passing visitor. Staying in a historic country estate helps create an entirely different atmosphere, one which encourages people to relax, to feel settled, to commit more of their energy, enthusiasm and effort and feel a part of something much more important and significant.

For the most successful business conference you’ve ever had, you only have to look at a few of the properties on this site and you’ll find the inspiration and enthusiasm already within reach!

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  1. Innoveta says:

    Its very innovative approach. None of us would even think beyond a hotel for organising a conference. The only reason being the placement of tables and lunch is ideally taken care by the hotel and although supervision is required, they need not be managed unlike in a country house. But yet, its really very innovative and is worth giving a shot.

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