Special celebration in a big house? Try a sneaky recce…

Although staying in a big country house can be cost-effective per head, the overall prices can still be a hefty amount to commit, if you don’t know the house or area. ALL of our houses are fabulous, obviously, but some might suit your needs more than others.

Most of our houses have smaller properties on their estates, and you can book to stay in one whilst you suss out the main house and the grounds. Cadhay, for example, has a gorgeous little ‘Cider Press’, with just room for two, or the Crogen Estate has ‘Bryn Awel’, an ancient one-up, one-down cottage.

Exploring the estate from the inside gives you the opportunity to really plan your big weekend. If you’re organising a wedding, for example, you might like to spend time seeing which terrace gets the most sun, or discovering the best door for a grand entrance. Or you might like to meet the florists, or explore the local area for a perfect corn-field photograph.

Doing research for a special party is always worth-while, especially if it’s a Golden Wedding Anniversary, and you’re footing the bill for all the grandchildren. If you book to stay on the estate, you can really prepare for your special day, whether that’s a day at the beach, followed by a slap-up dinner (try Pamflete!), or a day’s boating on the lake and a BBQ (Sibton does this beautifully). By staying on the estate, you can find the best buggy-friendly way down to the beach, the pub everyone will love, and you’ll be a hero, when everyone’s Sat Nav goes mad, and you know the way to the house down the winding country lanes.

If doing a sneaky recce of a house appeals to you, then you’ll find details of little cottages, wooden cabins and shepherd’s huts on our listings. If you’d like to know more about them, you can contact the owners directly from our website. Do remember your binoculars, cameras and note-book. And possible a trilby.

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