Sometimes a life event is too special to ignore!

Sometimes a life event is too special to ignore…

Therefore a party is the only thing that can do justice to the occasion. Many swear by the impromptu happening where a few friends get together with a picnic basket and spontaneously have fun together. On the other hand, there’s nothing more special than a grand bash. You know, a special event that is planned meticulously to bring out the very best in everyone.

Elvetham - Outdoor Eating

Elvetham – Outdoor Eating

Choose a really spectacular venue for a grand party

Beach parties, street parties, stag and hen parties, birthday parties and every kind of celebration can be lifted into another dimension when you choose a really spectacular venue. As we approach Valentine’s Day a party or ball has always figured highly when it comes to romance. In Pride & Prejudice the Bennet sisters were all of a flutter when it was discovered Mr Bingley was to bring twelve ladies and seven gentlemen with him from London but were comforted to discover their mistake: it was only six!

Concoct a reason, any reason for a party!

Such machinations still set hearts a flutter as lists are compiled and invitations sent. In fact there is no reason not to throw a party for whatever celebration might be around the corner. If you do have to concoct a reason, well, why not? Who doesn’t need an excuse to don black tie and ball gown against a spectacular backdrop where the photo opportunities come thick and fast through the evening.

Outdoor black tie party

Outdoor Black Tie Party

Flexibility, style, discretion & security are essential.

Being a visual culture the scene has to do justice to the massive preparations. Therefore a house such as the Elvetham Hotel in Hampshire is ideal for a party you will always remember. The mansion can offer your party guests exclusive use and offers extraordinary flexibility, style and most importantly (depending who makes the guest list) discretion and security.

Add your name to the Guest Book

Here, close to Basingstoke, you can put up between 110 and 140 friends in 72 ensuite bedrooms. Being a 19th century manor it is an extraordinary example of a very special residence. You can join in a long list of important guests who have visited the estate. Everyone from Queen Elizabeth I onwards have paid their respects to Elvetham and perhaps you should too.

Indulge in some fun

With a fine Morning Room, Garden Room, library and helicopter concierge service Elvetham ensures your A list celebration would feel relaxed and pampered. You might want to hold a party where you take advantage of extraordinary facilities such as: off-road driving, Hovercraft on the lake, Argo-Cat, hot air ballooning, clay shooting, giant Scalextric, quad biking, horse riding, falconry and archery.

Your party plans will shape up well at Elvetham

If anyone has the energy before or after the celebration there are tennis courts and country walks for a spot of post party mingling perhaps. In fact Elvetham can transform itself to offer what you require. From weddings to AGMs, anniversaries, christenings or a family celebration this venue will accommodate everyone enabling you to enjoy yourself. Events planners are on hand should you need them.

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