Smaller Weddings Make Bigger Memories

Venues, Menus and Guests

Every young girl dreams of a big wedding with Prince Charming on her arm and an entourage of finely dressed ladies and gents in her bridal party. The guest list is a mile long, the food is served at a seated function and champagne for the toast costs hundreds of dollars a bottle. Yes, it’s a bit unrealistic, but it is every girl’s dream and that’s why it is important to step back a moment and consider what the elements are in a perfect wedding. You’ll likely see they really are nothing like that dream you’ve always held onto. What you may have learned along the years is that smaller weddings make bigger memories if you focus on the ideal venue, a small but intimate guest list and food that is mouth-wateringly-delicious, each bite better than the last.

Let’s Talk Venue

Duchray Castle

Duchray Castle

For those who are religious, the ceremony probably needs to take place in a mosque, synagogue or church but for others, a non-traditional venue often works best. This really is the wisest choice because with a smaller wedding you can choose a venue that will host everything from the night before dinner to the banquet after the ceremony. Lovely country homes and estates are often repurposed for wedding venues but they only house so many guests. From weddings on the beach to country estates surrounded by the glory of nature, small venues actually enable you to do more for so much less!

A Small But Intimate Guest List

You can have all those things you’ve always dreamed of at your wedding, complete with expensive champagne if you whittle the guest list down to a select group of close friends and family. With the savings this affords, you can buy a lovely bridal / wedding ring set, hand selected, lodging for the wedding party and small group of guests and even enough left over to book a better band and entertainment for the weekend for guests who have come to stay. Weddings are expensive so if you keep your guest list short and sweet, the money you save ‘per head’ can be used to upgrade other areas that otherwise would have suffered.

A Feast Fit for a King – and His Newly Crowned Queen!

Then there is the menu. A smaller guest list means that you can spend more per plate. Some weddings are so big that the reception after the ceremony becomes more like a pot-luck than a wedding gala. Guests are asked to bring a covered dish or a bottle of booze and before you know it, it’s like a church pot-luck than a wedding reception and chances are someone will not eat due to the lack of food. With a smaller guest list, you can have a full-course sit-down affair. In fact, you can often spend double and triple per plate what you would have paid in a larger wedding so guests will certainly be well fed.

The object of a smaller, more intimate wedding isn’t necessarily about an extremely limited budget but really about upping the quality of what you get for that same amount of money. The easiest way to have that storybook wedding you’ve always dreamed of is to keep it smaller. In this way everything else can be bigger than life because the guest list was kept manageable.

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