A Scottish wedding in a Landed House?

A tartan wedding might be just the thing!

Are you planning to tie the knot soon?


Why not have a Scottish themed wedding?


A tartan wedding might be just the thing!

A tartan wedding might be just the thing!


One of the attractions of a Scottish wedding, is of course, that the groom, the best man and the ushers – and maybe the pageboys and the rest of the male bridal party – are wearing the kilt.


Now you might well be asking yourself: “am I allowed to wear the kilt ?“ Perhaps you are not Scottish or do not have any clan affiliation. Well, the good news is yes you can! There are no laws prohibiting the wearing of a tartan. In fact anyone can wear the tartan design they like.


If you have decided to wear the kilt. What next?

How about a Scottish wedding in a landed house in Scotland?

How about a Scottish wedding in a landed house in Scotland?



If you don‘t own a kilt, think about getting in contact with a kilt hire specialist at least two to three months before the wedding (much earlier if you want to buy a bespoke kilt). They have a large selection of different tartans for rent. You can chose the tartan you like or that fits with the colour scheme for the wedding. Bear in mind that it is not necessary that all males in the wedding party should wear matching kilts. But most people think it is nice to see the groom in a different tartan, so that he stands out from the rest.


As for the jacket, if it is a formal wedding the most popular is the Prince Charlie Jacket and vest. This is normally in Black Barathea. If the wedding is semi-formal the Argyll is suitable for day-into-evening.

Assynt House is ideal for a Scottish wedding

Assynt House is ideal for a Scottish wedding


Don‘t worry if you have never worn the Scottish national dress before. Experienced staff will guide you in your choice. It is also good to know that most kilt shops offer to take your own measurements and have an online hire system for those who don‘t live locally. The hire of a whole outfit including kilt, jacket, shirt and all the accessories starts at £60. You see, there is no reason not to think  about a Scottish wedding.


And the bride?

bride & sash for a Scottish wedding



The bride might not want to wear a tartan dress but there are also several accessories that can give a traditional white dress a Scottish feeling. This could be achieved by wearing a sash on the right shoulder made from the same tartan as the groom‘s kilt. Or perhaps she might have it low key by including tartan ribbons within the bouquet. She can also wear tartan shoes and don‘t forget tartan garters !


Use thistle and heather for good luck !


There are traditional Scottish tokens of good luck for weddings. One is to wear a sprig of white heather often paired  with  a thistle, the Scottish national emblem. The groom can wear both as buttonholes and the bride can include them in her  bouquet. These emblems might even be used for stationery or table and church decorations.


Last but not least: adopt some Scottish wedding traditions!


The most popular way to incorporate Scottish tradition into a wedding is to hire a piper. He will be a great introduction to the event and should begin about 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony when most of the guests have arrived. The bride is then piped down the aisle, and the couple piped out again.


The Celtic tradition of handfasting can be a highly symbolic and visually moving part of the ceremony, as the hands of the bride and groom are joined by a cord or a tartan ribbon.


You can see more Scottish inspiration at Tartangirl. Should you wish to go the whole way and have the ceremony in Scotland, then do click here to find a spectacular venue north of the border.

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