Ride The Caledonian Sleeper To Kinnettles Castle – A Fairy Tale Experience

Kinnettles Castle

Kinnettles CastleYou know those classic films where people travel on overnight trains, spending a happy evening in a well stocked bar before retiring to a private carriage offering sumptuous sleeping arrangements, arriving the next morning at a stunning stately home, country mansion or castle? It all seems too good to be true, but in fact such an opportunity is not as farfetched as you might think.

Perhaps you have a wedding being planned, or a special anniversary? Perhaps you’re wanting Christmas to be extra special, or you’re even looking for a truly unforgettable incentive experience for your staff. We have the perfect experience for you, and wherever you are in the country, this is one experience that will be truly magical.

It all starts with the Caledonian Sleeper, one of the most famous and enchanting overnight rail experiences in Europe. Starting in London the Caledonian Sleeper transports passengers all the way up through the slumbering country right into the heart of Scotland. With sumptuous lounge cars available you and your party can enjoy a relaxing evening having dinner, drinks and a chat before retiring to extremely comfortable beds. With berths for either one or two people there’s plenty of room, and almost everyone finds the sleepy and repetitive rocking and trundling of the train as it follows the tracks all the way to the point on the horizon where they meet the stars, sleep comes all too easily.

The next morning you wake and breakfast, finding yourself pulling in to Dundee, where a taxi awaits to transport you to your very own castle for the length of your stay. Kinnettles Castle is in Dundee, and is one of the most unusual and imposing baroque castles you’ll find anywhere, with turrets and towers all making this a fairy tale castle, surrounded by some of the most gorgeous countryside.

Kinnettles Castle is just one of the many large country homes we have available on our list, but it’s position right near where the Caledonian Sleeper stops makes it a perfect place to stop and spend a few days. By hiring the whole of this property for your party you get complete privacy and freedom. Hotels are all very well but they’re impersonal, and you’re always sharing your experience with people you don’t know. You can’t make too much noise in the evening because of other guests, and the bar shuts when the staff go home, and not necessarily when you’re ready to call it a day.

By hiring somewhere such as Kinnettles Castle you get to do what you want, where you want, when you want and how you want. Lunch on the terraces? No problem. Dinner when you’ve come back from shooting, playing a game of croquet or heading into town for a spot of shopping? Just as you wish. For photographs there can’t be a better location, and no risk of other people wandering into shot.

Once your stay is over you and your guests return to the Caledonian Sleeper once again and are whisked away through the night in complete comfort, ready to face the real world once again! It really is one of the ideal ways of creating a captivating experience that is truly memorable and will remain with everyone for a lifetime.

With no worries about transport, no concerns about other guests, total freedom and complete privacy you really can make your stay whatever you want it to be. If you want to go self catering, this is not a problem, but if you want to bring along a hired team of caterers, or make use of local facilities such as ‘farmer’s wife’ catering services then this is all entirely up to you. Head off into Dundee and sample one of the many excellent restraints before being driven back to your castle for the night. It’s an experience straight from the fairy tale books, but one which you can easily accomplish.

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