Rally Driving Through The Welsh Forest

Here at Landed Houses, we spend quite a lot of time getting to know our houses, and what you could do if you were staying in them as a guest. 

Plas Dinam, in mid-Wales, is possibly one of our sportiest houses, offering guests everything from shooting to drag hunting, to rally driving! Well, anyone who regularly follows the LH Blog will know we’ve learnt a little about country sport, but rally driving is a whole new world.

Here’s what Plas Dinam can offer on the rally driving stakes…


The Higgins Rally School is 10 minutes drive from Plas Dinam, through winding, wooded roads. The school is set in its own forest (around 900 acres), and guest drivers can use the same tracks that professional rally teams use to train and test their drivers and cars.

The Higgins Forest Experience Rally School and Off-Road Centre is owned and run by David and Kara Higgins. David Higgins is a professional rally driver (as well as being the chief instructor); he drives  for Subaru America, and is the current American Rally Champion. David comes from a rally driving dynasty, and his passion and knowledge make a day in the forest very special.

For a Day’s Course (prices start at £299), you turn up at the school at 8:45, then have tea and coffee. The morning is spent learning technique and the cars’ abilities (you’ll be in either a rear-wheel drive Ford RS2000, or a front-wheel drive Mitsubishi). After a picnic lunch, it all gets very exciting, as you move on to the seven-mile forest stage, culminating in a race with your fellow participants. To finish your day, your instructor takes you out for just one lap, driving at full competitive speed, whizzing through the forest as if you were in a rally for real.

It’s then back to Plas Dinam for afternoon tea and hot baths, ready for dinner and some serious boasting in the evening.

About Plas Dinam

The house sleeps up to 28 in 14 large bedrooms (children can be squeezed in where necessary in cots and zed-beds). There is a huge kitchen if you’d like to go self-catering, or an excellent caterer, if you’d like to be looked after a little more.

There’s loads to do in the house if partners would prefer not to watch their loved ones hurtle around the Welsh forest, including walking, riding, tennis, or just generally relaxing and exploring the Welsh countryside.

For more information about Plas Dinam’s Rally Car Driving breaks, do call Eldrydd on +44 (0)29 2125 1015

Or visit http://www.plasdinamcountryhouse.co.uk/


For details of any other houses, do visit www.landedhouses.co.uk, or email help@landedhouses.co.uk and ask for our free venue search and availability service.


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