Planning Outdoor Weddings Landed Houses Top Tips

Imagine this as a site for outdoor weddings in 2014 and beyond


 Planning outdoor weddings might seem madness

Planning outdoor weddings is a skill says Landed Houses

Planning outdoor weddings takes care

If you  happen to be looking out of the window in the UK right now it seems like the sunshine will never return. After the worst weather in the UK for centuries it feels like outdoor weddings might be off the menu. Yet we are stoic souls and know this is just a setback.

 Yet, actually, planning outdoor weddings might  just be he thing in 2014!

However, the British have always had plucky spirit and with some careful planning and one or two contingency plans anything and everything is possible. So what are the key considerations when considering an outdoor wedding celebration? Landed Houses has used its considerable experience in planning outdoor weddings and occasions to offer our top tips. After all, the UK countryside really does need a financial boost and we should all do our bit to support the rural economy. Planning  outdoor weddings is just the thing therefore.

Imagine this as a site for outdoor weddings in 2014 and beyond

Imagine this as a site for outdoor weddings in 2014 and beyond



Landed Houses Top Tips for Planning Outdoor Weddings  in 2014


1.Choose a stunning location and more than likely all your guests will forgive everything that may not quite go according to plan! Check out any rules and regulations before pitching up at your romantic spot. You may be amazed at what bye laws and other bits of red tape shroud many open areas. It pays to research before you do anything at all. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
2.Guests comfort is paramount so think about who is included on your guest list. Will older members of the party be happy siting on cushions at ground level for example? If the weather does turn warm will they need fans or gas heaters. Are the comfort rooms close by and if not will they be well lit and sign posted? It might be worth considering a marquee in the grounds of a venue who regularly stage weddings. They will know what needs to be done to make such an occasion run smoothly for every single guest.
3.Plan your date and then find out what kind of weather is usual at that season. You might even want to ask guests to be prepared. That thin summer dress might just be a little too thin by seven in the evening even if an April day was very warm. The bride too might find an off the shoulder dress too chilly on the day.
4.Let everyone know your wedding will be outdoors. Ask them to come prepared. For example, if it’s a long walk, if the site is slightly exposed. You could even ask them to check the weather forecast on the day and plan accordingly.
5.Coordinate your photograph sites carefully. You need to find appropriate and beautiful spaces for pictures that aren’t too windy, too sunny, provide shelter if it rains or are big enough to accommodate the whole wedding party. It’s worth making plans for sun stroke or sun burn, especially if people are not used to hot weather. By planning in advance and having time to consider all eventualities your outdoor wedding will run smoothly.

Romantic Outdoor weddings are beautiful occasions

Romantic Outdoor weddings are beautiful occasions

6.Make sure the action isn’t swallowed up by the fact the wedding is being held outside. Everyone wants to hear vows or speeches without straining. Maybe it will be appropriate to use some kind of audio equipment so that everyone feels included when the acoustics are a problem if you choose an outside location. Understanding the location os key and the earlier you discuss your needs and plan them the easier it will be to create a perfect day.
7.If an outdoor location really is your passion then it is worth looking at venues that provide beautiful grounds and spaces that give the feeling of being outdoors but also provides contingency plans if the UK weather disappoints.
8.Talk to experts who are often willing to give you the benefit of their experience in planning weddings of every description.
9.No matter where you are in the country and where you would like to get married, Landed Houses has many stunning locations that can accommodate your desire to have a wedding in a natural surrounding whilst also maintaining a real sense of occasion. Check out this fabulous landed house for your wedding right here.

10. Click right here to see some stunning venues: weddings in the country

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