Oh, I Do Like To Stay Beside The Sea-Side

Well, we do if it’s in a lovely place, anyway. And here at Landed Houses, we have lots of big houses by the sea.

Here’s a list of ten things we love about our sea-side houses…

1. Amazing views of sun rise, or sun set

The Cleeve, The Lynhurst, Roshven, Hill Place

2. Fish for tea! And cooked by someone else…

Pendragon House, Roshven House, Plas Dinas

3. Surf dudes all over the place… you can either do it, or you can watch it…both are mighty  fine

Old Rectory Pyworthy, Flete Estate, The Old Vicarage

4. Awesome cliff walks that scare you silly, but worth it for the views

Pendragon House, The Cleeve, The Lynhurst

5. Having a bunch of your best mates with you, and having a decadent Summer Ball, with fireworks

Northmoor House, Buckland House, Ash Barton, Bindon

6. OR – having your family all together, and watching your children muck around with their cousins, just like you did

Ormidale Estate, Ash Barton, The Old Vicarage

7. Seeing amazing wild life that you never normally see, like seals and dolphins, rare birds…

Sibton Park, Assynt House, the Novar Estate

8. Messing about in boats

Roshven, The Old Vicarage, Ash Barton

9. Walking hand-in-hand, on the edge of the sand, and dancing to the light of the moon, the moon.

Hafton Castle, Pendragon House, Old Rectory Pyworthy

10. Spending the next ten years telling everyone you meet what an incredible holiday you had at the Great British Sea-Side

Landed Houses – any of them!

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