Murder Mysteries

Activities for your country house event

A range of activities are available to add a theme and plenty of fun to your country house experience. A murder mystery can run over dinner on one night or, for those who want a more challenging mystery, over a whole weekend. A range of plots are available and you can choose a theme suitable for dressing up. 1920s style events and the traditional Cluedo are both popular.

A team of actors mingle with guests and act out a plot; at the end of which guests have to try to solve the mystery by suggesting the method, the motive and the murderer. This can be done as couples or as teams, the latter making for more fun as it encourages guests to mix.

The plots twist and turn and there is good reason for any of the characters to have committed the crime. The skill is working out which is most likely, or for more experienced sleuths to attempt a process of elimination. Some favour the gut instinct, others a more scientific approach.

Often guests like the idea of joining in themselves and this is always welcome. We have character profiles and information that each actor must put across to the audience. A second round of information is distributed quietly after the main course and one guest may have to control their reaction as they open an envelope containing the message ’You are the murderer!’

The team of actors are very experienced and will carry the night, rescuing anyone who finds themselves in a corner. Often it is the amateur moments that are the highlights of the evening.

An alternative to the murder mystery is a treasure hunt. This takes place in the countryside and villages around the house and can be undertaken in cars or on bicycles. Teams are given a set of clues, a scavenger list and a photo challenge.

Each team has a pack which includes a digital camera for the photos and also any other fun shots that they want to take. These are saved and are a wonderful memento of a day of great enjoyment.

The treasure hunt can be themed with the murder mystery with murder clues being part of the hunt.

These events are arranged to be part of your weekend experience but it is important that they do not completely take over. Guests can choose to be as involved as they wish to be and there is still plenty of time around the activities to relax and enjoy the privacy of your private house.

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