Magical Winter Wedding’s – Inspiration For your BIG Day

Buckland House

It’s never too early to think about planning your wedding, and if you’re taking inspiration from the winter months that seem to have suddenly come about, you can book your venue now for next winter. If you haven’t settled on a venue, then why not consider one of Landed Houses castles or country houses to make your wedding extra special. There is nothing more magical than a winter wedding in a castle or a country house. Traditionally the venues of choice for summer celebrations, these luxury buildings should not be underestimated for their potential during the colder months giving you the opportunity to be unique and let your imagination run wild.

Castles and country houses are not just for royals or those of noble blood. True, these beautiful structures can appear daunting at first, but the stately surroundings mask a world of comfort, convenience and intimate settings. Weddings can appear disjointed, especially if you have guests arriving from far and wide, with some leaving part way through the day while others are only arriving. However with a castle/country house wedding, there is no need to feel rushed or dazed. You can simply take comfort in enjoying quality time with your loved ones all under one roof.

Large Family Christmas

Large Family Christmas

Imagine the scene – a secluded castle, surrounded by luscious gardens, the winter sun reflecting off the nearby lake, driving up a tree lined driveway, an air of mystery and expectation and all that coupled with the delight of knowing that there won’t be any outside interruptions or distractions. Imagine planning the day’s various events against the backdrop of a castle/country house. Instead of the usual floral displays at the reception, consider an exquisitely decorated Christmas tree. The acoustics in a castle/country house will allow you to treat your guests to Christmas songs from the heavenly sounds of a choir. If you prefer something a little low key, a string quartet or a harpist are ideal for creating a tranquil and magical atmosphere.

It may be cold outside but you and your guests need not feel it. Log fires create warmth but also enhance the atmosphere, as do the fixtures and fittings such as intricately woven tapestries. The choice of food and drink for winter weddings encourages people to think a little wider – mulled wine, winter Pimms, ginger bread, a hog roast… all served in an elegant ambiance.

The Drawing Room at Carlton Towers - so warm and cosy!

The Drawing Room at Carlton Towers – so warm and cosy!

If you’re lucky to have snow on the day of your wedding, think of how much more enchanting the day will be, because the castle/country house will be transformed into a winter wonderland. With or without snow, castles and country houses make for beautiful photographs. Photographers will be spoilt for choice when scouting out potential shots. Lighting can be an issue for a winter wedding, so it is best to have the ceremony earlier in the day to make best of any photographs taken outside. On the other hand, experimenting with lighting (candles, fairy lights etc.) is a great way to control the magical atmosphere throughout the celebrations. A country house or a castle looks stunning all lit up, bathing the festivities in a warm glow. If you prefer to end the evening with a bang, many castles and country houses can offer to set up a firework display for you on the grounds.

To create your own magical winter wonderland wedding, there is likely to be a castle or country house near you, or you may decide to use the wedding as an opportunity to explore further afield and really give your guests precious and long standing memories. Estates are available in the Scottish mountains, in heather strewn Yorkshire moors, within the Welsh mountain ranges as well as amongst the coastline of the South Coast. Landed houses can provide the perfect wedding venue for you, complete with all the majesty and grandeur that comes with a wedding held at one of the most special venues in the country. Why not take a look at some of the houses on our books, and start planning for next winter, to hold your very own, magical winter wedding!



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