Learning All About Scottish Plaid with Hunter’s Tweed

Oh, we have some tough jobs in the Landed Houses Office, but learning of all things tweed is really not one of them. 

We’ve been chatting to Tamara Inness, of Hunter’s Tweed, and she’s been teaching us about all things bright and tweediful.


Favourite Tweedy Facts

  •  The term ‘Tweed’ is thought to come from a reading error made by a chap in the 1830’s. He misread ‘Tweel’ (Scottish for twill), as ‘tweed’, and assumed it referred to the River Tweed, that winds through the Scottish borders.
  • Catharine Murray, Countess of Dunmore, is thought to be the first person to link tweed to tartan, after she commissioned all of her estate workers tweed clothing with her family tartan (1847).
  • Tweed is made from wool, and is water resistant because of its weave.
  • Tweed is still handmade in the Outer Hebrides, and is a protected brand known as ‘Harris Tweed’ (Hunter’s Tweed is  more gentle on the pocket, as it’s made by a mechanised mill, in the Borders.)


Hunter’s Tweed

Hunter’s Tweed has been running for over a hundred years, and as well as general tweed cloth, they specialise in bespoke tweed – literally, Design Your Own Tweed. 

And it’s not a bankruptcy prospect – your own design (with consultation and everything), plus a decent length to see if you can live with it, costs under £900. Hugely reasonable when you then think you’ve got something totally unique in which to dress your house, family or staff.  

So, after we’d asked a zillion questions, Tamara very nicely sent her ‘What To Expect’ info sheet, which we’ve shamelessly stolen, and copied below for your perusal.



Bespoke Tweed Design Service


Treat yourself to your own personalized Scottish tweed –


At Hunter’s Tweed our design team works hard to provide our customers with an exclusive and unique service.


Our tweed design service offers you the option of having a whole ‘piece’ of tweed designed and made to suit your specifications.


The first step involves us working with you and your colour and pattern preferences to get CAD drawings made up so you can see exactly what your tweed will look like.  If you need inspiration we have 100 years of archives of actual tweeds for you to choose from or to use as a starting point.  We will give as much or as little help and advice as you need during this process.  Our skill really comes into its own by ensuring that whatever patterns and colours you choose become balanced in the finished tweed.


We can then get a sample length (approx. 10m) of the design made into tweed for you to see it in the flesh before an order is made for a whole piece (approx. 60m).


Once the design is signed off it is manufactured into tweed in a Scottish Mill with years of experience.


Our customers who use this service vary from estate owners looking at getting hill or dress tweeds made or replicated for their own estates, clubs contracting us to design something unique and instantly recognisable to interior designers looking to put their own touch to their vision for a property undergoing transformation.


This service gives people the opportunity to create something unique for themselves and to truly stand out.


We are happy to discuss with you our make-up service where we will transform your tweed into products which you can use for marketing and promotion.


If you would like to know more about this service and the costs involved please do not hesitate to contact us.


Oh yes, Oh yes, oh yes. Landed Houses with its own bespoke Tweed – surely Mr Cohen will sign off an expense so very necessary to the jolliness and well-being of his staff?

 And did you see you can have it made up into whatever you choose… clothing, and hats, gun slips or really lovely bags. Or a counterpane for your bed…or a picnic rug…


Anyway, if you’d like to know more, you can visit the website here http://www.hunterstweed.com/


Or visit the Facebook Page to see ongoing projects here –  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hunters-Tweed/154407317961152?ref=ts

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