Last Minute Deals!

Dear Visitor Looking for A Big House,

We’ve noticed that you can get last minute deals or special offers all over the place – if you want a hotel room that is. But what if there’s 20 of you? Or 4 families, or a wedding, a funeral, or celebration? So we thought we’d come up with Lovely Late Deals, offering our houses at great prices.

Houses become available at the last minute for all sorts of reasons – sometimes bookings fall through, or the owners decide to open for more weekends. Whatever the reason, we’re   helping you find all the best deals, in the most beautiful places.

We have a dedicated ‘Lovely Late Deals‘ page on our website, or you can always contact us for last minute advice (our email is – we’ve always got insider knowledge on which houses are free, and which aren’t. But more than that, we can match you to a large house that suits your needs, no more of that endless and hugely boring internet crawling.

To find out what offers we have on at the moment, do visit Landed Houses, on our special Lovely Late Deals page, and find a party house or manor house perfect for you.

Best wishes,

The Landed Houses Team


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