Large party houses with indoor pools

We often see enquiries from people looking to rent a large house with an indoor pool for their party. Unfortunately there aren’t really that many houses with indoor pools, so here is a list to help!

Indoor swimming pool

Houses for parties that have indoor pools:

1. Knowle Manor, Somerset. Sleeps up to 50 in 19 bedrooms.

2. Wyelands, Monmouthshire. Sleeps up to 22 in 9 bedrooms.

3. Ash Barton, Devon. Sleeps up to 35 in 13 bedrooms.

4. Park Hall, Worcestershire. Sleeps up to 45 in 9 bedrooms.

5. Pekes Manor, East Sussex. Sleeps up to 20 in 8 bedrooms.

6. Little Gaerfields, Herefordshire. Sleeps up to 20 in 6 bedrooms.

7. Great Tangley Manor, Surrey. Sleeps up to 12 in 5 bedrooms.

8. Ormidale Estate, Scotland. Sleeps up to 56 in 33 bedrooms.

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