Large Homes For Large Social Gatherings


BindonThere are certain times when it’s important to get everyone together, including friends and family. Such occasions as weddings, special anniversaries, special birthdays, Christmas and New Year are typical times when you’ll want to be with those who matter, and to have friends and family close by. But often this is difficult, and for two reasons.

The first difficulty encountered by people these days is that all too often our family is spread out across the country, or even further afield, perhaps living and working on an entirely different continent. Our friends too may well be miles apart, and gathering everyone together isn’t always very easy.

The second problem is where people stay. If they’re coming in from far afield they’ll need somewhere comfortable to sleep, and this generally isn’t practical at home. What many people do is to book a series of rooms at a hotel, B&B or travel lodge. But these don’t offer what most people are really looking for – they don’t offer the chance for friends and family to get together, to enjoy special, memorable times together.

If you’re going to draw people from far and wide together for a truly special occasion then you’ll want everyone to be together. This is where large holiday rental homes in the UK offer an ideal alternative.

With so many stunning big country houses to rent it is possible to book exclusive residential access to a large country estate, or even a castle, where as many as two dozen guests can be accommodated in sumptuous comfort. By finding a large house for weekend rental or a mid week break it is possible to gather everyone together in comfort, and privacy. If you want to have a late night party, you can do, without disturbing other guests.

In fact booking a large country house for a few days break is the ultimate way of ensuring that your special gathering is truly memorable, offering comfort, privacy, convenience, flexibility and an ideal place for taking photographs of everyone. Why not take a look through our many holiday homes and big country houses to rent, and start planning your next special occasion?

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