Just Engaged? Want to be Married IMMEDIATELY?

Ah-ha! Landed Houses has the answer…

Yes, yes, we know year-long (or longer!) engagements used to be respectable, and gave you time to save up, and look for a house to buy, and give your parents time to get used to the idea (darling, really? Are you sure?)…but times have changed.

For some us, it just doesn’t make sense to wait – we’ve lived together for donkey’s years, we’re solvent (ish), and we might even have a few sproglets between us. So, we want to get married kinda now. Or maybe next month. We can’t be doing with waiting six zillion years for the local Church to have a slot, or the stately home we visited as a child to become free… we need a last-minute wedding…eek! How do you go about it?

Well, at Landed Houses, we have big houses and estates that you can host the wedding party and guests in, the ceremony, the reception and even the honeymoon, should you wish. We have houses all over the country – by the sea, up mountains, near lakes… perfect houses, all over the place.

Some of our houses were new to the market in 2012, meaning they’ve not been booked up years in advance… houses like the very beautiful Sibton Park, in Suffolk, or Sparkford Hall, on the eastern edge of Somerset. Or, even closer to London, there’s Smallfield Place… lots of choices, with wide availability, and lovely settings. 

Why wait? Go mad, get married. You can email us on help@landedhouses.co.uk, if you need any assistance.

Good luck!

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  1. James says:

    Apparently Posh and Becks ‘offered’ an incentive to the couple who had a booking at Posh’s favourite hotel for the wedding of the decade, to ‘move’ their marriage completely. Of course the couple agreed and had to make hasty alternate plans…

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