Join the Weekend Aristocrats, in The Guest Wing

Ever fancied living like an aristocrat? Roaring up the drive to a stately pile, knowing a great weekend filled with high jinks, lay just ahead?

 With Landed Houses, you really can have that life – for a weekend at least. We feature big houses, mansions and stately homes, perfect for recapturing the glamour and fun of weekend parties.

 One of our houses (Carlton Towers) is shortly to feature on Sky Atlantic HD’s ‘The Guest Wing’ – which is all about how to have fun in a big house for the weekend.

 There are lots of ways you can up-grade your stay at a house to aristocrat status…here’re 10 brill tips!

  •  Prepare by reading Nancy Mitford (whilst wearing pearls)
  • Pack using tissue paper between lambswool jumpers
  •  Engage a jolly butler
  •  Request a cook (complete with copper-pans and strong arms)
  •  Ask for a maid and footman (or force your teenagers to pretend)
  • Have a long, rambling walk, preferably in something tweedy
  •  Have a cocktail hour
  •  Wear your best frock for dinner, with your diamonds, and force your man into his dinner jacket
  • Ask for port and remember to pass to the left (unless you’re the host!)
  •  After dinner, all meet in the drawing rooms for…big house games!

 For Big House Games, please see our blog, or email 

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