Is That A Gun In Your Pocket…?

Well of course not, that would be dangerous. So – ever fancied a little go with a pistol? Standing four-square and gimlet-eyed, mouth an uncompromising line, possibly a little stubble on your chin?

Yes? We knew it. Luckily for you, at several of our beautiful big houses for private hire; you can do exactly that.

In the West Country, our country sport and CO2 Pistol man is Matthew Nimmo, of Birds Hill Days. Matthew has a crack team of experts, who visit our houses and teach guests how to shoot with the pistols. Once guests understand the kit, the safety (these pistols are most defo not toys), then the real fun begins. At Birds Hill Day Headquarters, the namby paper targets are history, and the drop-down steel mambas are deployed…Gentlemen, it’s as good as Police Academy. 

So…a little bit of techie spec…

The guns you’d use with one of Matthew’s crew are Walther CP88’s. They have a CO2 cylinder in the grip, and they fire a magazine of 8 pellets of .177cal, as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

Like the sound of this? Oh yes, you know you do.

Here’s the Landed Houses at which you can shoot…some amazing houses, some great sport.

Bath Lodge, Bath

(Archery/Laser Clays/CO2 Pistols)

Northmoor House, Somerset

(Archery/Laser Clays/REAL Clays/Co2 Pistols)

Huntsham Court, Devon

(Archery/Laser Clays/CO2 Pistols)

Eggesford Barton (Devon)

Archery/Laser Clays/ REAL Clays/Co2 Pistols

Waterhouse, Bath

(Archery/Laser Clays/CO2 Pistols)


To find out more about Matthew’s country sport business, do visit his website –

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