How To Keep Your House With Paying Guests

Keeping your lovely house clean and tended for whilst it’s hired or let is vital. Guests tend to treat as they find, so a messy, grubby house will only get messier and grubbier. 

Below are some tips of how to keep your lovely house lovely…


Try to retain staff, such as housekeeper, gardener, char. They know you, and your property, and are more likely to look after things if they belong on your estate. Agency staff may be efficient, but do not have the same level of loyalty (or self interest…you’re not paying into the pensions of agency staff).
Arrange regular maintenance of tennis courts, swimming pools etc.

Keep an odd/job handy man to deal with any leaky taps or blocked drains, gutters (inevitable in old houses). Make sure you speak to him directly, and pay him directly.

Avoid leaving guests in charge of animals. They may say they love ponies, but you’re better engaging a groom and inviting them to ride if they would like to.

Put away precious or sentimental items. It’s not worth the pain on both sides if things are damaged or are lost.

Be prepared to do light redecorating after rentals. Be reasonable. Stark white staircase walls are always going to need painting, no matter how careful your guests were.

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