How To Heat Your Country House

As part of Landed Houses series on the practicalities of country-house living, we’ve been learning all about the best – and most sustainable – ways to keep warm.

It is the season to be cosy! As the weather forecasts grow ever more dire with threats of ice, snow and freezing conditions, heating systems all over the country groan with extra effort, and oil tanks empty with dreadful speed.

Many country houses can be bone-achingly cold, but a lot on the Landed Houses portfolio have wood-burning stoves, under-floor heating and innovative heat-source systems.

Wood burning stoves can make a stay in a country house much more pleasant in the winter months, than you might suppose.

Landed Houses was recently chatting to a chap called Simon Attfield, who sells Clearview Stoves from his shop, Iron & Wood, in North Oxfordshire. Simon specialises in heating solutions for large country houses and stately homes, and recommends a combination of wood burning (or multifuel) stoves in living rooms, which use back-boilers and boost the performance of upstairs radiators.

For a more industrial solution, or to heat a house from one source, Simon says, ‘We’re seeing a lot of interest growing in bio-mass heating systems. They are ideal for larger properties, and the systems are installed in out-buildings or cellars. We expect to see a bit of a boom towards the end of 2012, as the government grants become available, and we hope Iron & Wood’s installation engineers will all be trained by the Autumn, ready to meet the demand. Anyone wanting to know more can call for a chat.’

Well, bio-mass sounds very efficient, but at here Landed Houses we still love the traditional wood burning stove – it looks lovely, it smells like the country, and you can cook chestnuts on the top of it.

Thank you, Simon, for talking to us – and for your offer. Anyone interested in wood burning stoves, or  bio-mass heating systems, please give Simon a call on 01295 253936, or visit his website,



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