How To Have The Perfect 30th Birthday Party…

30th birthday parties can be tricky beasties. You’re too old not to invite proper grownups, lots of your mates have dropped sprogs, and – to be fair – you’re so over clubbing in some inner-city cave with a load of acne-ridden teeny-boppers.

The answer: hire a manor house. Then you can make a fabulous weekend of it, and have a party that will set the bar for the next twenty years (or your 40th).

A Landed Houses property is a brilliant solution. We have houses all over the country (and if you can’t find one where you want to be, we’ll go find you one), and the landlords and owners are all excellent. They all listen to what you want (no irritating ‘packages’), then they try to figure out how they can deliver it to budget.

Just today at the Landed Houses offices, we were chatting to Bruisyard Hall in Suffolk, and Stubton Hall in Nottinghamshire, about a 30th for 200 guests. Both of those properties can handle the numbers, and have plenty of B&B’s and affordable hotels to put the guests who wouldn’t be staying in the house.

Our website visitor – the Birthday Girl – then got to speak to both to see what each could offer her for her party. Bruisyard has a huge barn, perfect for a live band and a disco, and Stubton Hall has a beautiful Orangery – exactly suited to an elegant supper; the sort with crystal and starched napkins, silk dresses and black tie.

Which will our Birthday Girl choose? We don’t know yet, but whichever she goes with, we wish we had an invitation…

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