How to Have the Party of the Century

Outdoor black tie party

Once we’re older than college age our friends live far and away, often scattered around the country or even abroad. This can make planning a party difficult as you may want to have everyone close by but it’s not always logistically possible especially when overnight stays are involved.

Another aspect to planning a party is the stress it puts on you as the host or hostess. Many find that the evening passes in a blur as they spend the time making sure everyone else is happy without enjoying the experience themselves. A happy host or hostess adds a lot more fun to a party and leaves you with memories to cherish too.

Here’s how to plan the perfect party that gives you and your friends a night to remember.

Pick the Perfect Place

Choosing the right setting for your party is essential to its success. For instance, if you plan to host a party at your own home consider the following:

  • Where can guests park?
  • What hotels are nearby?
  • How friendly are your neighbours?
  • How large is your space?

For you and your guests to enjoy the perfect party your setting needs to be:

  • Spacious to accommodate everyone, to allow mingling and to let people breathe or dance
  • Detached so you don’t worry about upsetting the neighbours with the noise
  • Easy to access, with parking that doesn’t require a long walk or worry about the safety of vehicles
  • Easy to maintain so any spillage or damage is rectified quickly
  • Have outside space for people to enjoy a little fresh air
  • Have good bathroom facilities, nothing destroys a party than a huge queue for the loo.

Make it Your Own

Adding your own personality to a party helps to remind guests who the host is. With less worry about the location you can concentrate on smaller details. Consider a custom made cocktail for one night only or some entertainment that satisfies your own tastes. You can even add a bit of excitement if you have outdoor space with challenges and garden games.

Spin it Out

If you choose to rent the setting for your party consider making your party last longer. Large houses will of course have bedrooms so you can accommodate guests. This allows you to spend the day exploring the area with friends too and gives you much more time to catch up with those that live far away. A weekend will be much more memorable than a single night.

Quite simply, if you enjoy your party you can be quite sure your guests do too!

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