Holiday Country Homes In The UK

When it comes time to plan the holidays, many families start looking for the perfect vacation spot to spend some time together. Of course, many also adhere to the tradition of enjoying the holidays at home, or at the home of a family member. However, there is nothing quite like getting away with only your family and closest friends for a week or weekend vacation during the holiday season. This allows you to truly escape the patterns and obligations of your everyday life, so that you can relax and enjoy the company of those closest to you.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal of isolation is to consider renting a country house for your holiday getaway. Of course, any vacation can help you to get away from your daily life, but in renting your own space – a space large enough for you and all of your guests – you can truly give yourself the privacy necessary for an intimate and enjoyable holiday getaway. Throw in the fact that many of these vacation houses and estates are self-catered, and that the majority of them are in beautiful and relaxing locations, and this can make for an absolutely perfect holiday trip. You’ll need to make a few preparations outside of ordinary vacations – for example, you may want to talk to an insurer about cancellation insurance or housing insurance for your rental. However, in the end you will likely find that these minor hassles are well worth it. Here are a few examples of regions and areas in the UK worth looking into when you look for a holiday house.



A large rural county in the southwest of England, Somerset is a region that has many picturesque and private country homes that can be rented for the holidays. Featuring a combination mostly of flat, agricultural land, and rolling hills, Somerset also has some coastline, meaning that you can find a country house with just about any kind of surrounding or scenery you like. This is a perfect region to consider if you want a remote holiday experience.

A country of stark contrast, Wales has mountainous regions and seaside areas, both of which make for gorgeous surroundings to estate homes. For people living in England looking for a bit more of a vacation, Wales is a great option for a place to get away and rent a home for the holidays.

Ultimately, there is a virtually endless selection of wonderful country locations to consider in the UK. With several regions with extensive coastline and attractive rural lands, this is a great part of the world in which to find large and pleasant country estates. Finding the right one could be the key to your most relaxing holiday trip in years.

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